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Gretchen Krohnfeldt Drake middle school teacher kills self a day after accused of having sex with student

Gretchen Krohnfeldt
Pictured, Gretchen Krohnfeldt
Gretchen Krohnfeldt
Pictured, Arvada, Colorado middle school teacher, Gretchen Krohnfeldt

Gretchen Krohnfeldt Drake middle school teacher kills self a day after accused of having sex with student: Commits suicide as police were making way to her home.

Gretchen Krohnfeldt a 47 year old Arvada, Colorado woman has been pronounced dead, a day after the middle school area teacher had been accused of having sex with a student.

At the time of her death, police were en route to quiz her about the alleged impropriety.

Authorities arriving at the mother of three’s home on Tuesday said the middle school teacher died the result of a suspected suicide a day after being accused of having an inappropriate relationship with a former student.

A report via CBS Denver told of Krohnfeldt being pronounced dead at her Arvada home circa 1pm. There was no immediate mention of the cause or manner of the middle school teacher’s death.

That said, it is believed the eighth grade social studies teacher at Drake Middle School took her own like as police were en route to interview her about the alleged indiscretion. It is likely thought that the teacher was aware or had at least anticipated police making overtures.

The suspected suicide was reportedly witnessed by at least one law enforcement official.

Gretchen Krohnfeldt
Gretchen Krohnfeldt an eighth grade middle school teacher had taught at Drake Middle School since 1993.

On Monday, Krohnfeldt was placed on administrative leave after a school resource officer received a tip that the veteran educator had a tryst with a former student, who was now in high school.

According to a statement put out by the Arvada Police Department and the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office, the initial report was made by a Drake staffer.

The school employee claims having seen Krohnfeldt engage in unspecified inappropriate behavior with the male student months prior, but the staffer only came forward about it this week. Why the school employee only stepped forward now is yet to be necessarily understood. 

The school principal upon being notified immediately contacted the local police and the sheriff’s office, who dispatched officers to the school to search Krohnfeldt’s classroom, which was temporarily sealed off.

According to Krohnfeldt’s now-defunct biography page on Drake’s website, she was a native of Arvada and had been teaching in Jefferson County since 1993.

She had taught social studies, English language arts and reading intervention told a report via Arvada Press.

On Tuesday, the school sent home a letter to students informing them that Krohnfeldt ‘has suddenly passed away.’

‘Our hearts go out to her family at this painful time, and I know many will feel this loss deeply,’ the statement read, in part.

Grief counselors were made available at the middle school to help students and staff struggling with grief.

Jefferson County Public Schools has put out a statement saying that the investigation into Krohnfeldt’s alleged misconduct was in its ‘infancy’ and that the school will continue looking into the matter in coordination with law enforcement.

Yet to be necessarily understood is what may have compelled the veteran teacher to abuse her position of power, authority and trust and subjugate her alleged victim…

Gretchen Krohnfeldt
Pictured Drake Middle School where Gretchen Krohnfeldt had taught.