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Ron Ozer and Elmira Naymark: Idiot hedge funder gets gold digger model girlfriend pregnant now hosed after she refuses $75K buyout to abort baby

Elmira Naymark
Pictured, Ron Ozark and his former girlfriend, Elmira Naymark.
Elmira Naymark
Pictured, Ron Ozark and his former girlfriend, Elmira Naymark.

How Ron Ozark and Elmira Naymark came to realize that their relationship was destined for failure when an inconvenient pregnancy led to one hedge funder offering money for an abortion.

Making their joint mutual appearance in the tabloids this weekend is the saga of Citadel hedge fund trader, Ron Ozer, 29 and his ‘model’ ex girlfriend, Elmira Naymark, 32, who have shown once again money, power, looks and a lack of responsibility (on both parts) usually leaves one loser- this former couple’s child.

Finding a sympathetic ear over at the nypost (this is what you get when you try to normalize irrational notions that youth and beauty and looks are to be rewarded at all costs), the reader is told of the indelible ‘leggy lithe brunette’ (I kid you not) model girlfriend who had to deal with a creepy ex boyfriend. Or at least that’s the way Ron Ozer is made out to be.

From the little information the one sided article offers us, we find out Elmira Naymark, while not being a model (past her prime) and attempting to pursue a career in real estate (which isn’t happening… yet) at some point was introduced to a master of the universe type, Ron Ozer a portfolio manager for Citadel Capital who specializes in getting rich making multimillion dollar natural gas deals.

Along the way we find out that Ron graduated from MIT, owns a $2 million apartment in the West Village (apparently where Robert De Niro used to live, which is meant to infer the stinginess of the hedge funder.. give me a minute to get there) and the fact that he flew Elmira somewhere and bought her expensive ear-rings.

Sounds like forever love?

Except after 2 and half years it wasn’t. Not when Elmira announced to Ron she was pregnant back in the beginning of the year.

Elmira Naymark
Pictured, Ron Ozark and Elmira Naymark during better days.

For reasons that aren’t clear, we are told that Ron doesn’t want the baby and out of the blue calls Emira ‘disgusting white trash’ (people can be so nasty when livid) when she decided to keep the child despite his wishes not to be a father. Not just yet. Or just not with Elmira. And to be sure, Ron even has his doubts the kid is his. For reasons that aren’t clear. Because the nypost was unable to get Ron Ozer’s side of the story.

Either way, Ozer attempts to offer Elmira $75K (through a colleague mind you) which Elmira takes great offense to. 

Not having a pot to piss in, Elmira ends up having Ron’s baby daughter this past September and has now found herself living back with mom, while on food stamps and other state entitlements.

Of course that’s just for now. She intends to take Ron to the courts where once they take one good look at him get him to pay Elmira all the yummies she’s asking for.

And to be sure, Elmira Naymark is no slouch in the arena of ‘you got me pregnant, I’m a model and this is the bill.’ Sniffle. ‘I really thought you loved me.’

Demanded requests include: ‘In addition to child support, Naymark is seeking a paternity test, full custody of the girl, health insurance for the baby, funding for private schools and summer camps, and a $5 million life-insurance policy listing herself and their daughter as beneficiaries.’

Elmira obviously forgot the little red ribbon which says, ‘Ron I intend to fuxk you so hard i’t going to be my pleasure.’

Elmira Naymark
‘Peek-a-boo! ‘I’m pregnant with your child Ron. Open your wallet along with your heart.’

It’s obvious these two were never going to make a good team beyond just the dating arena.

Being parents to a child requires planning (Ron you didn’t wear a condom, this is your worse nightmare in tabloid living color). It requires desire on both parts. It also requires planning and commitment on both parts.

And unfortunately for most men, if a woman decides to go ahead with the pregnancy (as much as she can also decide to get an abortion despite the man’s objection- it’s her body remember) he has to live with that decision. And of course pay for it. Something Elmira Naymark is committed to doing. Did you notice she intends to have her little one live the gilded life commensurate to the one Ron Ozer gets to live? And the $5m insurance policy in her name and the child’s? That got my eyeballs fuzzy.

It’s a story that’s played out thousands of times a week and the only reason it’s a headline is because Ron is white rich and stingy and irresponsible while Elmira is a model type (we live in a society fascinated with wealth, power and good looks- the rest of you can move to Canada I’ve been told).

Ron, good luck in fighting this. Hopefully this year’s bonus will take care of the year’s of inconvenience in store (who knows? You might grow to love your daughter one day?). I’m sure you’ll manage to find another model type to fawn over (just make sure you really love the next one and are ready to commit) and to make sweet promises to until she too becomes inconvenient. 

Elmira you got your front page story and ‘life is so unfair tantrum’ out of the way, we all know, but don’t you think it could have helped if you maybe had your life together before insisting on bringing this child to the Earth and now running to the tabloids to get a deadbeat master of the Universe to pay up?