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Why? Carl Edward Brewer adopted Russian teen kills parents, arrested after 12 hour standoff

Pictured from left to right, Carl Edward Brewer, 17 year old adopted Russian teen and his adoptive mother,
Pictured from left to right, Carl Edward Brewer, 17 year old adopted Russian teen and his adoptive mother,
Pictured from left to right, Carl Edward Brewer, 17 year old adopted Russian teen and his adoptive mother, Mary Brewer whom along with his adoptive father killed.

What led to Carl Edward Brewer a 17 year old adoptive Russian teen murdering his Crowley, Texas parents? Cops called 16 times to the family home since 2010.

17 year old Russian adopted teen, Carl Edward Brewer has been arrested after killing his adoptive parents and staging a 12 hour standoff with SWAT teams.

The teen’s arrest comes after the adopted son allegedly murdered his American Airlines pilot father, Troy Gene Brewer, 60 and his wife, Mary Brewer, 64, at their Crowley, Texas home.

A report via WFAA told of police finding the father’s body in the master bedroom while Mary Brewer’s body was found stuffed in a trash receptacle.

While authorities have yet to specify what may have motivated the adopted son, a pastor said that Brewer and his two older biological brothers – who were all adopted by Mr and Mrs Brewer at a young age – had a history of ‘outbursts’.

‘They did have outbursts from time to time from what the boys experienced before adoption in Russia,‘ said CB Glidden, who had been forced to expel Brewer and one of his brothers from the Nazarene Christian Academy for bad behavior.

Added the pastor: ‘That seemed to really impact the choices they made here. This just wasn’t the right place for them.’ 

Carl Edward Brewer
Pictured, Carl Edward Brewer.

Police say that one of Brewer’s friends had contacted them daytime Tuesday to say that he had admitted to killing his parents while they were smoking weed together. 

Officers arrived at the home Tuesday daytime to check and didn’t see anything amiss while noting they couldn’t make contact with the Brewers.

Yet it wasn’t until the case was passed on to the night shift when following up officers smelled the ‘odor of death’ coming from the house, Lt Robert Gray said via cbsdallas.

Soon after, SWAT teams were called in after Brewer barricaded into an upstairs room and was unwilling to talk.

A search warrant said that the couple were believed to have been killed sometime between 6:30pm Monday and 4:35pm Tuesday. 

If that’s the case, Brewer spent hours in the house with the couple’s bodies. 

It wasn’t until after police fired off tear gas after talks broke down that the suspect was detained.

Brewer and his parents were the only ones living in the house. His two older brothers notes the dailymail living out of state.

Not necessarily clear was what the adopted son’s lives were like prior to their adoption.

Offered Crowley Police spokesman Jay Hinton: ‘It’s very traumatic,’

‘It’s a situation where you don’t ever want to deal with things like that. And we’re very sympathetic to the family. We’re very sympathetic to the friends the neighbors, everybody here.’

Tended Police Chief Luis Soler during a Thursday morning news conference: ‘It was a family disturbance gone wrong,’

Adding: ‘We don’t know the exact motive,’

‘It was a family disturbance.’

Neighbor Johnny Griffin said he’d ‘seen the police over here several times.’

Reiterated the next door neighbor: ‘You kind of figure anything can happen over there.’

‘[The police] were over there quite a bit.’

While cops declined to say how the Brewers were killed, a search warrant described police looking for two guns that has previously been reported stolen.

Since his arrest, Carl Edward Brewer has been charged with two counts of murder and is being held on $200,000 bond – one for each murder charge. 

Since 2010, the Fort Worth Star Telegram noted police coming to the family home no less than on 16 different occasions

Carl Edward Brewer
The family home where police say Carl Edward Brewer murdered his adoptive parents.
Carl Edward Brewer
Pictured, Carl Edward Brewer’s adoptive mother, Mary Brewer.


  • Andy Kaufman

    I served with Captain Brewer for over 3 years in the Marine Corps! All I can say is he was any easy going man when I served with him! He was an outstanding individual!

    Semper Fi!

  • glympse-inside

    I have kind of glanced over many of the comments made by what looks to be from the general public on this case. I was looking to see if anyone posting personally knew anyone in this family. Forgive me if I glanced over one who did know them, but it appears these are all general assumptions about the case. I have so much I want to say, but will refrain for now while the case moves forward. What I do want to mention… is that I have had a close working relationship with one of the parents in this case. There is a dark side to this person and I often thought what it must be like to be a kid growing up under this person. There were many personality warning signs surrounding this parent-person. Please don’t sound off with the “shoulda, coulda” remarks to me. This is a terrible thing that has happened and one can only assume what life for any of these members was like on the inside. I saw that a local police officer was quoted as saying he know of this one parent from Church and this person was a very NICE person. I have seen this very “staged” side many-many times. I know I experienced my own sort of hell in the workplace during almost the entire years of employ and made many reports on this person. I tried to be proactive in dealing with the chaos this person caused in the workplace. In relating to how sometimes a bad home-life can contribute to negative outcomes, I also have a close family member who spent five years in a foster home from age 2-7 or 8 years old. He lived with one of his parents and the “significant other ” from age 8-17 in a less than desirable home life situation. In my opinion he is a very lost, messed up adult even now. It is hard to BLAME and say what actions causes bad things to happen. What we can do is sympathize and not jump to conclusions….. There may have been a multitude of things that lead to this terrible crime and you cant make assumptions. It is my understanding, the two older brothers have had NO CONTACT or relationship with these adoptive parents since they left home. It has been mentioned that these adoptive parents WERE going through the procedures to emancipate this 17 year old they adopted as a BABY. The whole thing STINKS!!!!

  • Saved16

    I understand that there are some people that have very valid points and comments about the fact that “ADOPTION” played a role in why this young man killed his parents.. I think that it played a role only in the sense that the mother didn’t give birth.. I understand that some foreign adoptions are mared by the lack of medical/personal history for the birth parents & severe issues can/do arise (to put it mildly) and tragic circumstances like this sadly occur..I am adopted my biology stems from the drug addicted streets of Detroit..
    This is the point I am trying to make-there are biological children born to women and have fetal alcohol syndrome and some detox from drugs (some pretty severe cases I have seen.. I’m a social work counselor) being abandoned on different levels in/out foster care then returned to the mom/dad have reactive attachment disorder.. sadly sometimes this kids (biological) kill their parents also.. I just don’t want ADOPTION to be the SOLE BLAME..BIOLOGICAL predisposition unfortunately doomed this child

  • Saved16

    You are absolutely despicable to post such a Facebook page!-A PAGE TO SUPPORT PARENTS HAT WANT TO “Give back their (adopted) kids”…
    NOT EVERYONE FEELS THAT WAY!! stop Trying to “diagnose” this sad occurance-the details aren’t out yet..YOU DONT KNOW everything ..sadly yes it has happen before BUT it happens in BIOFAMILIES too!! WHY don’t you look at THAT!! Yes THIS BOY IS ADOPTED but ADOPTION didn’t kill his parents.. We will find out if brain damage from FAS or RAD had anything to do with it-I’m sure it did-so yes I agree with you there..however..biokids are raised with the same afflictions and the same things happen

  • Saved16

    Got it.. omg wow

  • Ria

    Totally off topic here but I was trying to send you the Reddit board info on Umbrella of Suspicion but I guess she doesn’t allow links so my message didn’t go thru. Will try adding the link here and see if it goes thru! It’s very easy to sign up there and join in:)


  • Saved16

    Stop predicting and labeling..biological kids murder their parents too.. biological kids have FAS & RAD THESE issues are not solely for adopted kids only

  • Saved16

    Unfortunately we Americans don’t know the most important thing of all (nor do the news reports in Russia either) that being why this happened..his two brothers lived out of state..

    I do not agree with Just Me on anything he wrote..
    I’m adopted and feel completely different but everyone’s entitled to their opinion

  • Saved16

    They’d be alive had they not adopted him!!!
    You are cruely inappropriate and while you have a shred of truth to some of what you say.. you sir/madam are a jerk..you don’t have a clue as to what was in this poor kids head when he murdered his parents.. you don’t know what he felt about his bio parents.. don’t assume..NOT ALL RUSSIAN KIDS (that are ADOPTED) kill their (American) parents..

  • Saved16

    I am so sorry that happened that is a sad occurance for the many well meaning families that have a lot of love to give a child regardless or health issues that would not abandon them

  • Saved16

    Ok so are you and expert?.. honestly.. Seems even after this thick file was dumped in their lap the parents still tried with the boy.. the boys internal problems overcame everything..BIOLOGICAL children have some of the same issues yes THIS CHILD was adopted YES the biological issues contributed to the fact he murdered his parents but ADOPTION didn’t cause murder.. if that was the case then WHAT WOULD BIOLOGICAL KIDS get to blame if they murdered their parents if they had FAS OR the affects much like this boy did

  • Tim Rutkevich

    You Americans know everything. The reports in Russian msms: he spared life of his half brother, while killed adoptive parents.

  • Tim Rutkevich

    Russia have banned all adoption to US in 2012. That was done due to the fact, that gay couple adopted a child, molested, and killed in the end. We will never know the details here. Maybe he was molested by his adoptive parents?

  • Just Me

    And if they gave him up due to his behaviors they would have been called horrible parents. They suffered greatly because they adopted. Period! They would be alive if they had not adopted this child. So adoption has everything to do with it. These kids don’t accept their adoptive parents, they blame them for being ripped away from their bio parents.

  • Just Me

    You are very wrong in the regard that Russia tells parents about the child’s issues or the bio mom’s background. The orphanage tells you nothing because records are sealed in Russia until you go to court to adopt and then you get a thick file dumped into your lap of the child’s true background. I said if you have not parented a child from trauma and or an orphanage then you have no idea. I still stand by that statement. The fact that you were adopted does not equate to being a parent to a child with severe mental health issues or Reactive Attachment Disorder.

  • Saved16

    I totally agree with you and I think this tragedy should set an “example for change” for foreign adoption.. post adoption support and after care should be a staple for families from Russia..maybe from all foreign countries.. could this have been avoided..maybe.. someday I hope cases like this won’t ever happen again

  • Saved16

    A thug.. not too appropriate maybe a prayerful sentiment would be more appropriate

  • Saved16

    I’m sorry for my above rant.. but I believe strongly these parents didn’t care whatsoever what their son’s medical issue/medical background was they wanted to be his parents.. all the intervention/support/love was just “not enough”…

  • Saved16

    I have “NO IDEA”.. “biological kids”..let me “enlighten” you..I was adopted from a drug addicted mother in from the streets of Detroit Michigan.. so you pulling the I have no idea out of your a** was off base on so many levels.. I wonder as I type this what give you the education to diagnos this poor child-who was doomed before he was born.. I am fairly sure his parents knew what his medical (OR COULD POSSIBLE BE-and if there was no history THEY would BE told that too) was before they adopted him-seems to me THEY DIDNT GIVE A SHIT they loved him!!
    A son killed his parents how sad my heart hurts for the family.. ADOPTION isn’t why!!

  • Mamadou Sene

    He is thug period!

  • Just Me
  • Just Me

    Being adopted has everything to do with it. If you have not parented an adopted child from an institution or from early abuse or trauma situation you have no idea what you are talking about. These “adopted” kids are not like your bio kids who developed a healthy attachment early in life. They did not attach and their brains develop differently because of it. Many kids from Russia have Fetal Alcohol Syndrome and I can tell from looking at his picture that he is on the FASD spectrum from his very small eyes. Many men in the prison population are undiagnosed FASD. They have impulse control issues due to brain damage from prenatal alcohol use. These kids are a handful to parents and couple that with RAD and you have double mental health issues. Most FASD adults suffer from one or more mental illnesses. If the police were called 16 times, it’s because there are no supports in place for families who are dealing with this. They either dissolve the adoption to the state and the child goes into foster care or they keep the child and live in fear with a mentally unstable child.Most people have no idea what they are getting themselves into by adopting. It’s a craps shoot at best. Most bio parents who lose their kids have mental illness and or addiction issues, odds for the kids being successful are not in their favor. If you are not educated about RAD or FASD you really can’t comprehend why this happened. This struggle is not an isolated event for adoptive parents.

  • Just Me

    The reason he killed his adoptive parents is due to Reactive Attachment Disorder and most likely Fetal Alcohol Syndrome. Many adoptive parents suffer in silence with kids who are violent and there is no post adopt mental health services to help them, none that are affordable for children who have RAD. This is not the first adoptive child who has murdered a family member and it won’t be the last, sadly.

  • Saved16

    Ok maybe as the detail come to light your very valid point may be addressed..foreign adoptions like these need some special support and therapy for all concerned.. asimilation on all sides are critical..this family didn’t get the support they needed and the results were fatal

  • Saved16

    The media doesn’t need to label this an “adopted” crime..it’s sad pure and simple.. YES THE BOY WAS adopted but what difference to the story does it make to over use the word..feeling “different” was just ONE OF this lost souls problems..his parents wanted to love him..they tried to love him..they never abandoned him DID THEY

  • Chip Welte

    Being “adopted” has everything to do with it. People who adopt these children go in with the idea that a loving home is going to heal the wounds of institutional kids who may suffer from fetal alcohol syndrome and/or attachment disorders or whose birth parents suffered from (inheritable) mental illness.

  • Saved16

    Point taken however the media’s labeling it is as such not appropriate in my opinion that’s how the son may have saw/felt..I have heard children adopted from Russia have a great many issues with bonding/attachment.. I’m sure their new parents did try

  • Perhaps the point is to wonder to what degree the adoption was ill fated and ill conceived and further more contrived. Think of the youth’s new name: Carl Edward. Hardly the name one supposes the teen was born with, which hints at how corrosive the adoption/assimilation over the years must have been. I am not condoning the killing, merely wondering how two parents well meaning intentions might have better been served if they really thought about the boy that they were adopting and his particular needs …. and how the lack of or misunderstanding led to the boy revolting?

  • Saved16

    I think it is wrong that it’s clearly written over and over “the adopted child” what difference does that make-why is it relavent that he was adopted