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Why did Bruce Chadwick ex Columbia University professor kill self?

Bruce Chadwick
Pictured, Bruce Chadwick. Image via Facebook.
Bruce Chadwick
Pictured, Bruce Chadwick. Image via Facebook.

What led to Bruce Chadwick a former Columbia University professor and consultant killing himself? Suicide suspected after suicide letters found. 

Bruce Chadwick, 48, a former Columbia University professor has been found dead inside a rental car Thursday night.

The educator’s death comes after recently leaving several suicide notes at his Harlem apartment.

A report via the nydailynews tells of cops finding Chadwick unconscious and unresponsive inside a red Zipcar near W. 123rd St. and Riverside Drive. shortly after 11 p.m.

A report via the nypost told of the missing man being found with a  plastic bag around his head. Sources said the former Columbia professor’s death is being investigated as a suicide.

Chadwick’s death comes after his girlfriend reported him missing after finding multiple typed suicide notes at his W. 135th St. apartment. She had last seen him on Wednesday around 9:30 p.m.

According to his Linkedln page, Chadwick, who ran his own consulting firm, used to teach political science and international affairs at Columbia University, as well as finance and economics at Montclair State University.

The educator and analyst, had most recently worked as a financial analyst at Equity Key before being let go.

The ex-professor’s last Facebook post featured a photo of the sun setting over a pier. As word of Chadwick’s disappearance got out, the post left friends and relatives asking questions about whether it could hold a clue to his whereabouts.

Of note, the missing man told his girlfriend had written that he was depressed over losing a job and didn’t want to live a life of poverty. It is not necessarily understood what led to Bruce Chadwick losing his most recent post….

Authorities are now seeking to determine the educator’s exact cause of death as questions are asked as to whether the analyst had a history of depression and displayed previous tendency towards suicide?

Bruce Chadwick
The last post that Bruce Chadwick would leave on his Facebook page.
Bruce Chadwick
Ex Columbia University professor, Bruce Chadwick, pictured with a woman believed to be his girlfriend.
Bruce Chadwick
Pictured, Bruce Chadwick