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Five Slimming Fashion Tips and Tricks for Men and Women Alike

5 Slimming fashion tips and tricks to help take the pounds off. Stock image.

Slimming fashion tips for women and men alike to help take the pounds off at a glance simply by re thinking one’s styling, fitting and selection choices explained. 

In an era where we’re bombarded with weight loss advertisements and the need to “fit” in, it’s no wonder why so many people are discouraged by what they see in the mirror.

Chances are, however, that you may be adding unnecessary pounds to your appearance simply by the way that you dress. Instead of asking yourself whether or not an outfit makes you look slimmer, consider the steps you can take with your style to drop pounds at a glance.

Before you revamp your closet for a slimmer style, you’re more likely than not going to need to buy some new items to make it happen. Thankfully, you can often find huge discounts online so you don’t have to break the bank in pursuit of a fashion makeover. Before spending a penny, see if there’s a Myntra coupon or deal that could help you save big on your next purchase.

Slimming fashion tips
Slimming fashion tips might entail a clever re consideration of using darker colors.

Darker Colors

You probably already know that black is slimming; however, does that mean that you have to go all dark with your wardrobe?

Not necessarily: any combination of blue, purple or gray are also fair game. Likewise, you can compliment your darker pieces with bright accessories (such as hats or watches) to give your outfits a sense of flair.

Slimming fashion tips
Slimming fashion tips might also entail a reconsideration of smarter fits.
Slimming fashion tips
Slimming fashion tips: Surely you can do better than this gents? Surprisingly so few of you actually do…

Smarter Fits

Many people add pounds to their appearance because they aren’t wearing the proper size. Take a trip to the fitting room in pursuit of brands that fit your body type: most shoppers have “that” store which becomes their “old reliable” when it comes to finding something that fits. Keep in mind what works for you may not work for your friends, and it’s up to you to find your ideal fit.

Smarter fits include any combination of the following:

Shirts that hug your shoulders versus your stomach: try to find pieces that give your body the appearance of a “v-taper” (a slim waste and broad shoulders)

Plain-wasted paints that don’t hug your stomach tightly or give you the unnecessary appearance of having a gut

Looser fits and tighter fits together: don’t make the mistake of solely buying loose clothing as such fits can make you appear unshapely.

Slimming fashion tips
Slimming fashion tips also includes a thoughtful regard of how one uses stripes. This could make or break you…

Selective Styles

Be careful with stripes and patterns: solid colors and less elaborate prints may help you look slimmer based on your body type. When it doubt, keep it simple instead of going all out with patterns and accessories.

Cover Up

While you may not want to cover up all the time, a light jacket or cardigan can go a long way to making you appear smaller. Oversized jackets mixed with tighter fits are all the rage right now, especially for women.

Clothes Aren’t Everything

All keep in mind that clothing isn’t everything: think of them rather as a piece of the puzzle in regard to your appearance. Your diet, exercise and grooming routine (especially your haircut) all play a part in your confidence and what you see in the mirror. Such aspects of your appearance should work to compliment your choice in fashion and may help you appear slimmer.

Taking off some pounds in the mirror may be easier than you think. Be willing to switch up your style and try some new fits: you may be surprised at how some simple tweaks can make you look like a million bucks.

Slimming fashion tips
Slimming fashion tips also include the tried and (difficult) tested tip of watching what one eats and of course a modicum of exercise.