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Why should you take care of your privacy?

virtual private networks
Virtual private networks. Image via wikipedia.
virtual private network
Virtual private network. Image via wikipedia.

How to safeguard your privacy on the internet explained. Advanced methods available to enhance your online privacy. The art of virtual private network.

It goes without saying that most of our data can be accessed via the internet. Our photos and lists of people we know is easily accessible via our Facebook accounts, most of our accounts can be hacked when someone gets an access to our email, our thoughts and concerns can be understood from our tweets and so on.

You may think that it is pretty easy to disconnect your real identity from the internet profiles by using fake profile photos and imaginary names. Even though this is certainly helpful, it is only a basic way of keeping your privacy safe. In this article we will take a look a few more advanced methods you can use to enhance your online privacy.

Virtual Private Network

In the past people could easily find you when they knew your landline phone number. It was tied to your flat number, hence getting to know your real address was just a matter of calling the phone company.

Today identifying your address can easily be done when knowing your IP. This is why you should always make use of Virtual Private Networks, also known as VPNs. What are they? Those are pieces of software that mask your connection by letting you connect to a proxy server, and then, routing your traffic through this IP that has nothing to do with you. Even though a criminal can easily be identified even if he uses a VPN, it is a very good measure for keeping your IP address safe. We would recommend you to use NordVPN as it is best for privacy. In-fact you can try a free NordVPN account for 30 days risk-free.

virtual private network
virtual private network


Another field where many of us fail is the payments. Today an internet thief can easily hijack your credit card, hence you have to pay extra attention when making online payments. Alternatively, you can just use a system that is just perfect for online payments – bitcoins.

Today it is possible to settle nearly anything using this cryptocurrency. You are able to pay for a cup of coffee and order a pizza online with bitcoins, visit online casinos that offer bitcoin gambling experience, pay for your hosting and domains and many more. The best thing is that having a bitcoin wallet comes without any need for KYC, hence it is not possible to identify you.

It is, however, possible to trace all of the transactions between bitcoin wallets. However, as long as you don’t tell anyone that the bitcoin wallet belongs to you, then no one will ever know it is yours.

Purchasing your laptop / phone with cash

As you may know, each of the laptops and phones comes with a unique number. This number can be identified easily, and, it is possible to connect a device with the user if cash was used to pay for the device.

It is very unlikely that someone will try to trace your identity like this, but in case the government has a suspicion – you can certainly be under the radar and traced via this method. Hence, purchasing your devices via cash is a great thing to do for keeping your identity in a shade.