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Why? Nicholas Kernechel babysitter sentenced 10 years pulling autistic child’s teeth out, beating

Nicholas Kernechel
Pictured Nicholas Kernechel
Nicholas Kernechel
Pictured Nicholas Kernechel

What led to Nicholas Kernechel abusing the 4 year old special needs child of his ex girlfriend? Prosecutors offer plea deal to spare child further trauma.

Nicholas Kernechel has been sentenced up to ten years jail after the the former babysitter beat up and his ex girlfriend’s four year old special needs child along with extracting three of the infant’s teeth.

The 28 year old man was convicted of simple assault, endangering the welfare of a child, recklessly endangering another person and false reporting, according to Philly.com.

The incident took place on July 18, 2015, while Kernechel’s then girlfriend was away from home. 

At the time, the trusting woman left her four-year-old son with Kernechel while she went out with friends. 

During investigations,  the unidentified mother told police she discovered her son asleep on his bedroom floor the next day around 9am with his face beaten, lips swollen and three missing teeth.

She then took the autistic child to the police station where she reported Kernechel. 

At the time, upon taking the 6’3 inch, 185 pound man to custody, further investigation by authorities resulted in the discovery of at least two other incidents of alleged abuse, including a bite mark and bruises to the boy’s arm on April 14 and a small cut and bruise to the left side of the child’s head on May 26, the complaint said.

Upon Nicholas Kernechel being sentenced on Monday in Montgomery County Court, prosecutors said they had elected to spare the boy having to go through the trauma of previous abuse.

In a plea deal, a felony charge was dropped in a bid to spare the victim from having to testify and undo the child’s progress in psychological therapy.

The deal led to the assailant now having to only serve anywhere between two to 10 years in prison, far less than had the ex boyfriend had gone to trial and been found guilty.

Deputy District Attorney Samantha Cauffman read a statement in court from the mother.

‘You are, and always will be, a monster who abused a child with special needs,’ the statement said. 

‘I was a mother who trusted you with my son,’ the woman wrote. ‘I completely failed him as a mother.’ 

Prosecutors showed that hospital records the child’s teeth and other injuries were consistent with being extracted.

Addressing the court,  Cauffman said the mother was satisfied with the sentence, while telling, ‘Justice is just not about getting the highest crimes but about doing right by the victim.’

Prior to taking the plea deal, Nicholas Kernechel said he dropped the boy and that his face had hit his nightstand.  

Kernechel apologized for his actions in court, telling the judge that his heroin addiction influenced his actions.

He noted a past DUI, marijuana possession and theft to support his drug habit, even admitting he was high the night of the incident. 

But Montgomery County Judge Steven O’Neill didn’t buy it.

O’Neill said: ‘Those were not the actions of a heroin addict on the nod. They were not the actions of someone who smoked pot chilling out.’

Yet to be necessarily understood is what led to Nicholas Kernechel viciously abusing the boy, all claims of drug abuse aside …and why for that matter the mother trusted her ex boyfriend?

Nicholas Kernechel