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Where’s my $4K? Kevin Pope teacher arrested for beating up student over drug money

Kevin Pope
Pictured Bronx school teacher, Kevin Pope.
Kevin Pope
Pictured Bronx school teacher, Kevin Pope.

Kevin Pope a Bronx science teacher decides to get even with a student after a drug deal gone wrong leads to $4000 being forfeited.

Kevin Pope a Bronx charter school teacher has been arrested after savagely beating a student to score $4000 worth of marijuana that didn’t go to plan.

Pope a science teacher at John V. Lindsay Wildcat Academy in Hunts Point, was arrested at the school Friday morning and charged with assault and robbery in the attack a day earlier according to the nypost.

Appearing at Bronx Criminal court on Saturday, the discredited teacher was charged with assault, grand larceny, criminal possession of stolen property and robbery.

During the beating which led to the student needing an operation to close a severe gash on the student’s head, the 48 year old science teacher threatened to sexually assault the student’s mother if the teen didn’t come up with the $4000 which the teen had cashed in instead of scoring the teacher’s drugs.

Told Kevin Pope: ‘I will kill you if I don’t get my money’

 ‘I want my money in a month!’

Adding: ‘You want to steal from me? I should break your arm … I should get someone to rape your mom every day after work.’

At the time of the beating, school surveillance tape also revealed the teacher stealing the teen’s iPhone and wallet.

Kevin Pope
John V. Lindsey Wildcats Academy

Matters came to the fore after the science teacher asked students around the school back in June if they knew a drug dealer, with the science teacher eventually being put in touch with the teen, who promised he could score a large stash of drugs from his contact in Manhattan, sources said.

Pope gave the teen $4,000 in anticipation of scoring a king hit.

The unidentified teen told cops he met the dealer but was told that the quantity of drugs he was seeking would cost $7,000.

Instead of returning Kevin Pope’s $4000, the un-named student instead conceded spending the money.

Three months later, shortly after the start of the new school year, Pope found the teen about two blocks away from the Lafayette Avenue building where he demanded that the money be returned.

Upon being told the money was gone, Pope beat up the student along with stealing various items from him.

A report via the nydailynews tells of the student attending the school where Pope taught, while it was unclear if the teen was in that teacher’s class.

A Department of Education spokeswoman directed all questions to the charter school, which declined to comment.

Appearing at a Bronx Criminal Court on Saturday the teacher’s lawyer Japel Filiaci’s claimed that the teen robbed Pope while the teacher was riding a city bus with $5,000 cash in a briefcase.

When asked what Pope was doing with that much money, Filiaci said she never asked.

‘He took the money out, maybe to transfer it,’ the lawyer replied, with the lawyer saying that their client had randomly run into the student on the day of the beating.

It remains unclear if the teacher is expected to resume ‘teaching’ in the near future…