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Texas teacher impregnated by 13 year old teen ordered to stay away from lover

Alexandria Vera court arraignment
Alexandria Vera pictured with what appears to be her teen victim, following social media posts last summer.
Alexandria Vera court arraignment
Alexandria Vera pictured with what appears to be her teen victim, following social media posts last summer.

Alexandria Vera court arraignment: What led to a Texas middle school teacher and mother of one sexually preying on her thirteen year old student?

Alexandria Vera the 24 year old Houston, Texas teacher impregnated by her thirteen year old teen lover on Friday appeared in court where the former Stovall Middle School eighth grade was ordered to stay away from her victim along with all minors under the age of 17.

Appearing at her Friday court arraignment, where Vera entered neither a guilty or non guilty plea, Judge Michael T McSpadden ordered the woman, out on a $100K bail to wear a GPS monitor and to stay away from the school where she once taught.

Having gone on the run after Child Protection Services got wind of the Vera’s illicit relationship with her teen student last summer, after brazenly showing off her new love at school, Vera’s case come Wednesday became national headlines after authorities failed to locate the woman after sexual abuse charges were laid.

It wasn’t until the end of the day that Vera, a mother of a five year old daughter handed herself in to authorities and was later released after being charged with continual sex with a minor.

Previously impregnated by her teen lover, the English middle school teacher come February had aborted the pregnancy after authorities began investigating the woman’s relationship with the boy, whom Vera claimed the boy’s parents had ‘proudly’ welcomed her in their lives.

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Alexandria Vera court arraignment

Since fired from her teaching post after allegations of sexual misconduct first came to the fore, Vera was ordered not to use the internet at home, having recently started working with a new outlet, where she is required to use a computer.

Told presiding Judge McSpadden: ‘You have a job, you use a computer in your job that’s fine. No internet usage at home.

‘You’re not allowed contact with anyone under the age of 17. The main thing is we do not want anything else to happen during this time – you’re awaiting possible trial.’

He added: ‘We take these conditions very, very seriously.’

After leaving the courtroom the former teacher declined to answer media queries, whereby Vera’s lawyer, Ricardo Rodriguez told the dailymail his client would not be commenting to the press. 

Told the attorney: We are going to try the case in the court not in the press.’ 

Alexandria Vera court arraignment

Outside the courtroom, Tiffany Dupree, assistant district attorney assigned to child abuse, said: ‘The message is she is to comply with the court’s bond conditions, she’s to have no contact with the complainant, she’s to have no contact with children under the age of 17, she has an electronic GPS monitor placed on her, and the judge is very serious about the bond conditions.’

Dupree conceded not necessarily being aware whether Alexandria Vera since her arrest had any contact with the victim nor whether she’d spoken to other family members of the teen victim.

She added: ‘It’s extremely serious, as parents we entrust teachers with a very important role to educate our students and we should not be concerned about teachers getting in a sexual relationship with our children while they’re at school.’

A probable cause document which outlines the police’s case against Vera told how the boy’s parents didn’t object to the relationship and that she said ‘they love each other’.

Of note, Dupree confirmed the boy’s parents could now face charges for not reporting the abuse, adding: ‘Failure to report child abuse is a possibility. We’re continuing our investigation.’

Asked if Vera is allowed to continue to look after her four-year-old daughter from a previous relationship, Dupree said: ‘She has a brother who she’s allowed to have contact with. I don’t know what the CPS conditions are for her child, I’m not aware of that… we’re early in our investigation.’

The probable cause document outlining the case against the sexual predator states how school principal Elsa Wright got a tip that Vera was having an inappropriate relationship with a student.

She then questioned the defendant who ‘admitted to having a sexual relationship since September 2015 with a known student’, according to the document. The student, who can’t be named, was in her eighth grade English class and was 13 years old.

During interviews with the teacher in February, Vera told how her teen lover would sleep with her at her house, whereby she’d drive him back home in the morning so he could catch the bus to school.

The resulting complaint against the teacher, noted the teacher telling, ‘She stated that she and the complainant had sex on almost a daily basis at her home and that they love each other’.

Vera faces 25 years to life in prison with no possibility of parole if found guilty of the charges against her.

Not necessarily understood is what prompted Vera to sexually prey on the teen, along with abusing her position of power and authority, which some wonder may have been the igniting factor between the pair.

She is next scheduled to appear at court on July 12. 

Alexandria Vera court arraignment

Alexandria Vera court arraignment

Alexandria Vera court arraignment