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Right decision? Mamadou Diallo charged with beating man to death trying to rape his wife

Mamadou Diallo
Pictured, Mamadou Diallo (left) and Earl Nash (right).
Mamadou Diallo
Pictured, Mamadou Diallo (left) and Earl Nash (right).

Was Mamadou Diallo a Bronx husband simply trying to defend his wife’s attacker or did he go too far when he took the law into his own hands?

Fissure has come to the fore after revelations that Bronx husband, Mamadou Diallo has been charged with manslaughter after beating to death a man with an iron who tried to rape his wife.

The incident comes after the 61 year old husband was outside his Bronx apartment when his wife, Nenegale Diallo, 51, called and said a man who broke in hit her, dropped his pants, and said, ‘I’m going to rape you.’

Running inside, Mamadou Diallo caught up with his wife’s attacker, Earl Nash, 43, fracturing his skull with the steel lever as Nash tried to fight back with his belt, according to a report via the NY Daily News.

The husband’s ‘response‘ led to Nash dying at Lincoln Hospital from ‘severe trauma to his head and body’ about three hours later, according to police. 

Nash, who has a lengthy criminal history, slipped past apartment building entrance around 10pm on Monday by following a resident in, according to PIX11.

A report via DNAinfo told of the assailant gaining access to the family’s home after knocking on a number of apartments asking for water before Diallo’s wife, opened the door thinking it was her son. 

Nenegale’s sister was also home at the time.

From there, the perpetrator forced his way in, and when Nenegale offered him money, he reportedly said: ‘I don’t wan’t money. I’m going to rape you.’

Nash hit her in the head with a chair and tore off all her clothes. 

A police report told of the two women beginning to scream, managing to fight the assailant off long enough for Nenegale to call her husband from her cell-phone.

Mamadou Diallo, a cab driver, who was in a car outside the building rushed in, where he came across Earl Nash at the family’s sixth floor apartment, while finding his wife unclothed in the hallway.

Told the violated wife: ‘While it was going on, I was thinking I was going to die. I told my husband, “Don’t let him out!”‘

The two men fought inside the elevator, which was left covered in blood after Diallo fractured Nash’s skull.

Upon news of the attacker’s death, police arrested Mamadou Diallo, charging the cab driver with manslaughter.

The attack, led to Diallo’s wife sustaining minor injuries, including bruises and bumps on her head, telling: ‘I’m OK. I had a headache.’

The couple’s son said, ‘I was shocked, I was mad, I had many different emotions going through my mind,’ before adding he was relieved his father stepped in. 

Mamadou Diallo

Responding the perpetrator’s death, Mamadou Diallo’s brother, Ibrahima Diallo, said that Nash started the fight.

‘The guy punched him, he started fighting. This man said he’s gonna kill him, kill his family,’ Ibrahima Diallo told the nydailynews.

The NYPD’s decision to charge the husband has since led to outrage, with family members defending Diallo, saying he was trying to protect his wife.

Offered, Katiatou Diallo, (not related), who believed the husband was justified via CBS New York: ‘I think any husband would do the same thing as what he did,’

‘You see your wife being attacked and sexually harassed, you’re going to beat on the person. You are not just going to sit there and let the person leave or whatever. So I don’t think he’s wrong.’

Nash, who had 19 arrests on his record, had previously been convicted for bribery and drug-related charges. 

He was released on parole in July 2015, and was most recently arrested on May 14 for harassment.

And then there was this comment on the web that made me wonder, see what you think?

Unfortunately for him, once an assailant flees, you can only pursue to hold them for police. Even if a guy that just murdered your kid flees, hands covered in blood, your not supposed to kill him in the street. Of course Mr Diallo’s defense will be that he was only hold the assailant and the death was accidental and I’d acquit him.

Mamadou Diallo
Pictured Earl Nash
Mamadou Diallo
Earl Nash.
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  • Marvin Harrison

    The fact that he was a career criminal does not matter. The husband did not know that. What he knew was the guy just attacked his wife and possibly raped her, and was now a fleeing felon. He could use any force necessary to stop him. When the guy stopped resisting he stopped hitting him. The guy died later. It happens. Charges should be dropped.

  • Nicolle

    This attacker was a violent career criminal who could have very well attacked someone else in the building.

    Several other articles noted that:

    “Nash was paroled from prison on July 20, 2015. His most recent arrest was May 14 for aggravated harassment, sources said.

    His previous arrests included drugs, arson, unlawful imprisonment, robbery and assault. In one particularly heinous 2003 case, he pleaded guilty to unlawful imprisonment for holding a 17-year-old girl captive for two days.

    Authorities charged that the teen was sexually abused, stabbed and beaten — suffering a black eye, lacerations and a dislocated shoulder.”