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Pissed off camel bites owner’s head off after left tied up in sweltering heat all day

camel bites owner’s head off
Stock image of angry camel.
camel bites owner’s head off
Stock image of angry camel.

Camel bites owner’s head off: What led to one inflamed animal violently attacking its owner? 

A camel has killed its owner after biting the man’s head off after being left tied up all day with its legs tied up in the town of Rajasthan, India.

At the time the owner, Urja Ram of local Mangta village had been entertaining guests at his home in Rajasthan’s Barmer district on Saturday when he remembered the camel had been outside in the intense heat all day.

Yet when returning outside to untie the animal and take it to a cooler area, the camel became aggressive and started attacking him.

According to one villager, the camel then bit off the man’s head leaving him dead.

Told Thakara Ram via the Times of India: ‘The animal lifted him by the neck and threw him on to the ground, chewed the body and severed the head.’

Of note, villagers also revealed that the same camel had attacked the owner in the past and 25 of them struggled for six hours to restrain the animal.

According to a report via the dailymail, the incident comes as areas in Rajasthan are seeing some of the highest temperatures ever recorded in India with the mercury reaching 51 degrees Celsius (123 fahrenheit).

Indian media reported 16 deaths in Rajasthan, where nearly 17,000 villages in 19 of 33 districts were facing water shortages.

Meanwhile soldiers patrolling India’s border with Pakistan were also struggling to deal with aggressive camels, who have become aggressive in the heat.

While camels are generally known to be docile, male camels can have an aggressive streak and are known to fight with their counterparts.

Animals that are brought up in captivity are usually bred not to bite despite their large teeth.

Camels usually kick in a circular motion but experts say for some reason they are usually reluctant to kick humans. Unless of course left unattended in sweltering heat unattended.

Of question is if the deceased man had a history of carelessness or disregard or cruelty towards the camel which may have led to the animal exacting revenge?

camel bites owner’s head off
Pictured, Urja Ram of local Mangta village.