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‘Kill me, Kill me!’ Javier Aleman homicide fugitive begs for suicide by cop

Javier Aleman
Pictured Javier Aleman
Javier Aleman
Pictured Javier Aleman charging towards Glendale Police Officer Joshua Hilling. Screen shot.

Javier Aleman pulls a knife on patrolling Glendale Officer Joshua Hilling. How a lethal situation came to be averted as tensions were pushed into overdrive. 

Bodycam video footage has been released showing suspected knife wielding murder suspect, Javier Aleman confronting a patrolling officer, screaming ‘Kill me, Kill me now!’

The incident was captured by Glendale police officer Joshua Hilling’s body cam during an intense stand off on Interstate 75 just north of Cincinnati, Ohio last week.

The flare up occurred when Hilling observed an abject Javier Aleman walking along the road and sought to attain what the man was doing.

After giving the officer a fake name, Hilling asked the ‘strange man’ to stand with his hands on the trunk of his police cruiser so he could perform a routine pat down.

It was at this moment, that Aleman suddenly turned round and pulled a knife on Joshua Hillman threatening to kill him.

Unbeknownst to Officer Joshua Hilling, Aleman had been on the run just on 3 weeks after murdering his roommate Victor Adolfo Serrano, 51, when the cop sought to subject Aleman to a routine check.

An arrest warrant had been issued after Adolfo died of multiple stab wounds in Baltimore, Maryland.

As the scene plays out the fugitive is observed screaming at the officer, alternating between ‘Kill me’ and ‘I’m going to kill you.’

Screams Javier Aleman after being remonstrated to drop his knife: ‘Please, I’m begging you. Do it.’

Hilling pleads with the man to stay down and stay his distance as Javier Aleman continues to stagger towards him with the knife, falling to the ground several times before getting up.

Pleads Hilling once again, ‘Sir, please just get down. Let us help you Drop the knife.’

Continuing to motion forward and fearing for his life, Hilling fires once into the man’s torso, striking him in the stomach, as Aleman can be seen struggling to once again get up.

According to a report via WLWT Hilling had called for backup with Javier Aleman eventually stopped when back up deployed a stun gun and arrested the man.

In total the stand off lasted about five minutes and in what potentially could have been a lethal ending for either man turned out to be a subdued ending with Javier Aleman sustaining a wound to the stomach.

Offered Glendale Police Chief Dave Warman: ‘If you noticed the way he takes the knife and he brings it down it to a striking stance.’

‘He’s holding it down, he flips it over. So, he’s well-skilled with a knife. You could tell.’ 

It was revealed that the knife Aleman had threatened Hilling with had been the same knife Javier Aleman had used to murder his roommate.

Told Hamilton County Sheriff Jim Neil in a news conference: ‘Distance is an asset for a police officer. What you [saw] here was an officer trying to deescalate an offender who was bringing deadly force forward. It’s just excellent police work.’ 

Hilling, who was not injured in the incident, is reported to have been ‘emotional’ over the incident, but is due to return to work in a few days. He will not face charges for shooting Aleman.

What do you think? Did Officer Joshua Hilling handle the situation with restraint and the least degree of violence? Or could the situation have ended in a violent bloodbath?

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Javier Aleman

 Javier Aleman

 Javier Aleman