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Why did Alex Brizzi threaten to bomb Fox 45 Baltimore TV station?

Alex Brizzi
Alex Brizzi
Pictured Alex Brizzi via facebook.

What led to Alex Brizzi threatening a Fox Baltimore TV station with a bomb? Father tells of disturbed son suffering mental breakdown and non political motives.

Alex Brizzi has been identified as the individual who came to terrorize a Baltimore TV station Thursday afternoon after he made his way into Fox45 compound demanding that a flash drive expounding on conspiracy theory be played.

The 25 year old man was eventually contained after he walked back out of the building and onto the grounds where a police sniper unit shot Brizzi up to three times after declining to stop and raise his hands.

Prior to having been shot, Alex Brizzi had walked into the Baltimore TV station wearing a one piece panda like outfit, an animal onesie along with wearing a white medical mask and glasses claiming to be wired with a bomb to his chest. 

It was whilst holed up inside the vestibule of the building over the course of the next two hours and news of the purported booby trapped man that the Baltimore TV station came to be evacuated.

It would later be revealed that the purported bomb was made of of candy bars, wire and tin foil.

At the time, Alex Brizzi had told a security guard, who took the deranged appearing man’s threats seriously, that he wanted the media outlet to broadcast video of ‘someone talking about space and the government.’

Upon patiently listening to Brizzi, the security guard, Joural Apostolides told of taking the flash drive Brizzi sought the station play before Brizzi made his way back outside.

‘I have information on the black-hole’: Baltimore TV station evacuated as man dressed as hedgehog claims to have bomb

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Alex Brizzi

Alex Brizzi

It was there that Brizzi was taken down after he a SWAT team demanded that the uncoperative Brizzi give himself up as he nonchalantly walked in his distinctive white panda outfit on the TV grounds.

A report via deadline tells of the 25 year old Alex Brizzi, a Howard County, Maryland native surviving and now in critical condition.

According to a report via the Baltimore Sun, a man claiming to be Alex Brizzi’s father, Ed Brizzi of nearby Elkridge, MD telling of his son, who lived at home, having a recent mental breakdown.

The father went on to tell that his son having been troubled in recent weeks and that he didn’t believe his son’s actions were politically motivated.

In the aftermath of the event, a report via heavy told of Alex Brizzi having been upset about the results of April 26’s Maryland Presidential Primaries; as well as breaking up with his girlfriend.

The father in a video posted by Fox45 journalist Shelly Orman told of his son believing that the world was coming to an end June 3rd.

According to Edward Brizzi, in 2012, his son Alex Brizzi tried to overdose on Aleve. Earlier in April 2016, Brizzi was found sleeping in a neighbor’s yard and said he didn’t remember anything. Prior to that incident, the father said that his son had been working driving his boss to work. Edward Brizzi also said that he had a great relationship with his son and said they never argue.

Alex Brizzi

Offered Fox45 News Director Mike Tomko: I came down at one point not knowing the person was in the lobby, near the vestibule area. He talked to me and was wearing what appears to be a full body white panda suit, surgical mask and sunglasses. He had a flash drive, said he had information he wanted to get on the air. He compared it to the information found in the Panama Papers. I told him, ‘I can’t let you in, you’re going to have to leave the flash drive here and slide it through the opening.’ He wouldn’t do that. Apparently he had made some threats before.’

Since Alex Brizzi’s brazen efforts, authorities have sought to uncover what motivated the ‘mentally unhinged’ individual.

Offered police spokesman T.J. Smith, Why did he do this? We don’t know the answer to that,’

‘And we want to know the answer to that.’

Interim Baltimore Police Commissioner Kevin David has since described Alex Brizzi as ‘bizarre and dangerous’ while also calling the entire incident ‘unusual.’

Alex Brizzi

Alex Brizzi

Alex Brizzi