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‘My gun jammed’ James Cameau attempted gun massacre

James Cameau
What led to a newly hired Jax employee, James Cameau seeking to go on a fatal shooting spree at work?
 James Cameau
What led to a newly hired Jax Granite employee, James Cameau seeking to go on a fatal shooting spree at work?

James Cameau failed massacre: What motivated one newly hired employee to go on a shooting spree?

Eleven Jacksonville Granite co workers are still alive after Orange Park, Jacksonville, Florida man, James Cameau planned to shoot down his fellow workplace workers Monday midday, with the man’s plan stunted after his gun jammed at the last moment.

Nevertheless one worker came to be struck in the backside whilst other employees scrambled for their lives as James Cameau then fatally turned the gun on himself.

A press release from Clay County Undersheriff Craig Aldrich told of Cameau, 34, of having been at his place of employment less than a month.

A report via WMAZ-TV noted workers telling the new employee having ‘been out of sorts,’ recently. How or why the man struggled with his day to day operations is yet to be necessarily understood.

According to firstcoastnews, the shooting took place after James Cameau went home on his lunch break only to soon return with a semi automatic handgun.

Walking around the back of the workplace building, the assailant found his intended victims.

A witness told of Cameau telling them, ‘You better run,’ before opening fire.

Despite Cameau’s gun jamming, he continued trying to shoot as Jax Granite employees fled towards their cars.

Giving chase, Cameau was this time able to get his gun working, managing to hit some cars before shooting  coworker Dean Hagins, Jr. in the backside.

A report via y tells of the injured man being taken to a nearby hospital where he is recovering.

James Cameau
Dean Hagins, Jr.

Posted Hagins on Facebook Monday night: ‘Thank you jesus for being with me today.’

By the time police arrived on scene, Cameau had gone back inside the building to watch the security cameras.

Authorities eventually found him in the security closet, dead of a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

‘A tragedy was averted today,’ Aldrich said.

In addition to trying to shoot other employees, Aldrich said that Cameau had fired at the business owner and missed.

To date authorities have yet to necessarily understand what motivated James Cameau.

Cameau had been staying at a nearby hotel. He had no wife or children and his only prior arrests were for a DUI and driving without a license.

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