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‘That’s my tiara’ Stacy Engman diva art curator bites passenger on plane

Stacy Engman
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Stacy Engman
Stacy Engman (pictured) is also a preferred hawt bixch. How one well to do girl about town art critic found herself causing a recent scene. Image via PMC.

Stacy Engman, 38 a Brooklyn based art curator and a general eye sore colorful figure on the social circuit has been accused of biting a fellow passenger en route from Istanbul to JFK.

Named in a secret (not anymore) summons released to the public yesterday, Engman was cited for allegedly biting a fellow female passenger, Christina Tyler, 33 after a dispute regarding territorial space on a plane. Territorial space which the eccentric curator and noted fashionista took exception to when she was called out over a dangling tiara she was wearing.

According to the complaint lodged by Stacy’s unwitting victim, Tyler alleges a tiara and a diadem that Engman was wearing during the flight (yes kids, must remember to pick one up next time you sashay the streets of Manhattan) almost touched her as Engman took to reclining across an empty seat between them.

After a spat over spatial relations, our collective hero is alleged to have lifted up the armrest next to Tyler and slammed it down repeatedly on her leg. According to the criminal complaint, Engman unrelentingly started screaming how she’d just spent five days on a yacht. 

Told our collective majesty via the nypost: ‘I had fallen asleep. The next thing I know, she’s whacking me over the head with the armrest. This girl was extremely aggressive.’

As shit got nasty, Engman allegedly called Tyler ‘ugly,’ ordered her to ‘move her fat ass,’ and repeatedly declared, ‘Fuck you.’ When Tyler tried to ignore Engman by turning her back on her, she says Engman bit her on her lower back. But after she summoned the flight attendant to tell her what happened, Engman allegedly pretended to be asleep and could not be awoken. Indeed.

While Tyler managed to secure a sympathy pass to first class, Engman on the other hand was taken into custody and issued a summons for assault upon landing at JFK.

Also waiting at the gate was the FDNY who had been called over to give sustenance to the wearily bitten Tyler. Who as it turned out didn’t need medical attention on account of Engman’s alleged bite not breaking the skin. Define bite?

Mused the ‘traumatized’ Engman and perennial National Arts Club patron : ‘I am really traumatized. I’ve never been involved in anything like this,’

‘This whole thing is crazy.”

Reiterated our collective darling who now suspects a touch of class envy: ‘I had just come from a photo shoot. The tiara was pinned to my hair.’

Of question is when Stacy Engman is planning her next 50 day yachting trip and where she has since taken to sporting her charming tiara ensemble?

Stacy Engman
‘Stop being jealous of me please….’
Stacy Engman
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