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Rodney Brown steals 25 roosters (and goat) demands sex before returning them

Rodney Brown
Rodney Brown
How one local Kentucky man, Rodney Brown threatened a farmer if he reported him to cops after having sex with the man’s roosters and goat. Stock image.

Could it get any more perverse? 25 year old Wayne County, Kentucky man Rodney Brown has been accused of stealing 25 roosters and a goat from a Monticello based farmer and telling the owner that he would only return the animals if he was allowed to ‘sleep’ with them.

Brief pause. Look up into the sky, the deep universe and wonder which way the world actually rotates ….

But it gets even kinkier and downright nasty kids.

Off the back of the December 21 robbery of the farmer’s animal stock, our collective hero is alleged to also have threatened to beat the farmer if he contacted cops according to a report via WYKT. Text messages containing Brown’s demands were allegedly found on his victim’s cell phone.

Rodney Brown

Rodney BrownAn arrest warrant stated that the kinky assailant only ‘offered to give the items back if he would consent to sex with him.’

Since his arrest on Monday, Rodney Brown has been charged with promoting prostitution (do you suppose ?) theft by unlawful taking and third-degree terroristic threatening.

Cops also told of Brown taking off with the victim’s rooster pen along with other tools from the man’s home. I’ll let you figure that one out for yourselves kids…

Since booked into the Wayne County Detention Center, our collective hero was released on the condition that he stays away from the animals’ owner. Which we all know he is bound to do? 

Interestingly upon his release, Brown went on facebook where he expressed surprise at the allegations against him, though he did not cry foul.

In one post on Tuesday, he said he wonders ‘how some people can do what they do.’

A request for comment was not immediately returned.

Isn’t it time you finally had delicious kinky sex with a few roosters and a goat this weekend too …?

Rodney Brown