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New Jason Melo video shows misogynist insisting his innocence

Jason Melo video
Jason Melo video
How misogynist, Jason Melo has chosen to relish in his new found infamy as he releases a new video.

New James Melo video shows the misogynist stooping to another new low ….

In new revelations regarding misogynist, Jason Melo the 24 year old man who forced his girlfriend to walk around the streets of Harlem naked, film it and then have it uploaded on social media, a clip has come to the fore proclaiming the creep’s innocence. The clip comes a day after his arrest yesterday. 

In new bizarre acquired video footage (see below), Melo is filmed calling cops to a bodega in the Bronx, telling them he is waiting to be arrested and for them to come and collect him.

Smirking, Melo tells cops he is the man they are looking for before giving cops the address of where to find him.

But in even an weirder twist the creep went so far as to calls his mates from jail accusing his girlfriend of lying, insisting that he never beat, strangled or hurt the woman (infact he is the one who was hurt according to Melo).

From there Melo maintains his sanctity, insisting that if anyone transgressed it was the ‘bixch’ woman whom he caught sending texts to other men.

NSFW Video: Jason Melo arrested forcing girlfriend to walk naked on street

The new video according to a post via the dailymail came out after Melo’s girlfriend (are they still together ??) where the woman told via Univision of being beaten in front of their two month old child before being slashed in the face and pushed down the stairs and then made to walk around the block naked.

Shockingly during the interview the girlfriend told of having suffered at the hands of her boyfriend ongoing, both physically and emotionally even showing one photo where her face is puffed with redness, the result of brushing and scratching against her face.

Reads the contents of James Melo’s new video clip, appearing on Facebook today and translated from Spanish:

‘My people I apologize, I see what she said and I want you to know she is lying.

‘There is no proof of what the reports here at prison says, that I strangled her and that I hit her.

‘I didnt hit her or anything. Even the detectives are here with me and some of them congratulated me because they see how happy she is and I didn’t pull her hair or anything.

‘Some of the other prisioners are also on my side and they say some of them would have done worse things.’ 

To boot Melo is now telling he is also collecting signatures on a petition for his freedom, maintaining that this is not ‘a matter of death or murder’.

Jason Melo video

Jason Melo video

The new video follows previous instagram video posts where the misogynist told: ‘Please forgive me, I want you all to know that I am not as bad as you think. I just want to tell you all that I feel bad, as a man. 

‘You don’t know what was going through my mind.

‘I came from a woman, I have a daughter, and I have two sisters. But look what you pushed me to do. I am sorry for everything. 

‘This the last video I will make, I don’t want any interviews, I don’t want anything.’

No less than 24 after posting the plea for forgiveness, Melo would post another video in which a man is observed mocking his girlfriend after having made her walk around the streets naked, relishing in the ‘inside’ joke.

Jason Melo video

Jason Melo video
Melo provided photos documenting previous instances of abuse allegedly at the hands of Melo.