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Fair punishment? Stephanie McCrea school teacher sentenced 5 years for having sex with 15yr old

Stephanie McCrea school teacher sentenced
Was one Vancouver, Washington State teacher appropriately punished? Pictured, Stephanie McCrea.

Drama teacher and Vancouver, Washington mother of one, Stephanie McCrea, 36  has told regretting sexually preying on a 15 year old boy who was a student at the school she recently taught at. Despite her pleas for mercy, a judge sentenced the woman to 5 years jail.

Stephanie McCrea, drama teacher rapes 15 year old child: I will kill myself if I can’t have him.

The Evergreen High school teacher’s sentencing comes after the drama teacher was found out having sex with a 15 year old student on multiple occasions.

The sentencing of 5 years reports KPTV comes after McCrea pleaded guilty to four counts of third-degree rape of a child and one count of tampering with a witness.

Prosecutors said McCrea and the boy had sex in her home and her office beginning in December 2014. Their encounters, according to the victim, involving kissing, oral sex and intercourse.

The witness tampering charge came from communication she had with the victim through a fake Facebook page.

Prosecutors said McCrea asked her underage lover to keep their relationship quiet and practiced what to say if questioned by law enforcement.

Clark County prosecutor Camara Banfield told Judge David Gregerson after McCrea’s January arrest that she had threatened to kill herself if the student revealed the relationship. 

Stephanie McCrea school teacher sentenced

During Wednesday court proceedings the drama teacher said she takes responsibility for her actions and that she feels the pain of knowing she’s hurt many people with her choices.

Told the sexual predator in a statement to the court: ‘I take full responsibility for my actions every day. I feel the pain of knowing I hurt many people by my choices. I hurt because they hurt. I profoundly regret the hurt that I have caused and would do anything to take it back. The shame, the regret and the guilt that I feel is immense.’ 

In her defense, McCrea’s attorney, Steve Thayer, said during a July hearing that his client and her husband separated in December and that she attempted to take her life two weeks before her arrest.

The estranged couple have a nine-year-old son together. 

Stephanie McCrea school teacher sentenced

According to The Columbian McCrea’s attorney argued that his client’s conduct was completely out of character, (but not for the boy…) whilst pointing out the drama teacher and mother of one had no prior criminal history and was highly regarded as a teacher. 

Responding to the subjugation of her son, the victim’s mother told the court that the drama teacher had lied to her and betrayed her trust. 

The mother later told journalists outside of the court the case was ‘a horrible situation no matter the outcome. It’s going to hurt everybody no matter what.’

The case has since ignited debate as to whether the teacher’s sentencing was appropriate, with many pointing out had the gender of the teacher and victim been reversed the teacher would be looking at a more severe punishment.

McCrea, who was hired by Evergreen High School in 2006, was put on administrative leave after officials learned of the alleged affair – but the sexual abuse continued, according to the prosecution.

Steve Thayer had previously said his client started suffering mental health issues after a car accident in 2012.

McCrea is due back in court October 16 for her formal sentencing.  


And then there was these comments on the web that made me wonder. See what you think?

A female teacher with a student is different than a male teacher with a student. I really believe a double standard is ok in these situations.

You regret you got caught, nothing more.

Sicko ! How would she feel if it was her son. These are not victimless crimes.

She feels remorse cause she got caught.

report it as ” Adult female accused of having sex with underaged male”.

It is disgusting to report rape as “having sex” as it implies consent when there is none.

Thank you for calling it what it is: rape.


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