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Gayle Newland, fake boyfriend tricks lover with fake penis: ‘She always knew!

Gayle Newland
A woman who tricked (or did she?) a female friend to engage in sex with her has insisted that the woman was a willing participant …Screen shot, Gayle Newland.

A court has heard how British woman, Gayle Newland, from Willaston, England purportedly led a female friend on by pretending to be that blindfolded female’s male lover with a strap on.

In incredulous testimony, a woman claiming she was sexually assaulted by her former best friend, Newland, told of the moment of horror when she pulled off a blindfold that Newland insisted she always wear throughout their two year courtship only to find that the male lover making love to her was in fact her best female friend.

During their two year courtship, the ‘preyed woman’ told she agreed to wear a blindfold because her ‘boyfriend‘, whom she planned to marry, said he was embarrassed by disfiguring injuries he suffered during a car accident.

Told the unnamed woman of the shocking discovery when she decided to pull off her blindfold during one intimate encounter.

‘I just pulled it off,’

‘Gayle was just standing there. I just couldn’t believe it. I couldn’t believe it.’

Of course one can’t help but wonder if the woman never felt the woman’s female body pressing up against her and for that matter felt whether the penis was artificial? An assertion that Newland has since claimed in the latest round of proceedings. 

‘She knew it from the get go it was a girl,’ remonstrated Newland in new court developments.

Added the defendant who conceded the relationship’s dynamics were absurd:

‘It is not the norm by any stretch but this is something she can keep up in her head and make it easier to be with a woman,’

‘It is all about being comfortable. She was comfortable with that and I followed that which was foolish. It was almost like a first step for us to be intimate enough with another female.’ 

Gayle Newline

According to testimony, Newland allegedly first approached her friend on Facebook, where she pretended to be a half-Filipino/half-Latino man named Kye Fortune.

Fortune allegedly told the complainant that as a result of the car accident, he had developed a brain tumor. He explained that he wore bandages around his chest for his heart monitor and a swimming outfit for circulation. Each time they met, the woman wore a blindfold.

Sensing something was amiss during their last sexual encounter, the alleged victim removed her blindfold, only to find Newland standing in front of her wearing a wool hat, a swimming suit and a prosthetic penis.

‘Straight away (Newland) held her hand down over her face and said, ‘It’s not what you think,’’ said the complainant.

Newland allegedly explained the lie by comparing it to the movie “17 Again,” in which a middle-aged man is transported into his 17-year-old self’s body.

Newland’s lawyer claims that Kye Fortune was a fantasy that the alleged victim knew about, and that her attribution of Fortune’s high-pitched voice to his half-Filipino/ half-Latino heritage was a ‘lazy stereotype’ and a ‘ridiculous excuse,’ that was too obvious and part of the sexual appeal and charade that bonded the two women.

In her defense, the complainant acknowledged that she was ‘probably a bit stupid,‘ adding, ‘If I thought Kye was a girl, whether it was Gayle or anyone else, I would not have continued seeing him.’

And then there were these comments on the web that made me wonder. See what you think?

How is it rape? She consented to blindfolded sex with someone who she’s never seen. Then she complains about the equipment not being what she expected? This is homo-/transphobia, nothing more.

She did not consent to having sex with this woman. She consented to having sex with a totally different person (who turned out not to be real). This flies in the face of every aspect of knowing and enthusiastic consent.

Rape by deception is a thing.

Gayle Newline