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Brian and Karen Short murder suicide pact: ‘It’s a complex death’

Brian and Karen Short murder suicide pact
What prompted one family into carrying out a murder suicide pact? Pictured during recent holidays to Cancun, Mexico. Brian and Karen Short and their three children, Brooklyn, Madison and Cole. 

Investigators have told a day after the bodies of five individuals at a Greenwood, Minnesota family mansion home were discovered dead, in what has since billed the Brian and Karen Short murder suicide pact was the result of a complex situation.

Reiterated Hennepin County Sheriff’s Office Police Chief who described the deaths as part of complex crime scene: ‘Obviously it’s an extremely tragic event and it’s going to take some time to sort through.’

Of question is how the family of five which also included 17 year old son, Cole, and sisters, Madison, 15 and Brooklyn, 14 actually came to die, with investigators only telling that each family member was found in different parts of the mansion. In what degree of disrepair and how each family member died has yet to be disclosed by cops, who are refusing to provide more detail, only to say that the bodies bore ‘traumatic injuries.’

Upon entering the family home, cops encountered a small dog before finding one victim in a bedroom, a second in the basement garage, two in the basement and the final body in a lower-level bedroom.

Brian and Karen Short murder suicide pact
Brian and Karen Short

Since news of the family deaths, which had come to the fore after concerned friends had not heard or seen the family in recent days, with the children reported not attending school, neighbors have spoken of finding nearby streets blocked off.

Speaking to various media outlets, neighbor Doug Plocek told how he was shocked to learn of the deaths. He said the family was always friendly and said he used to see the children walking along their quiet street with friends.

They were good neighbors,’ Plocek told the Minneapolis Star Tribune. ‘This whole thing, we’re trying to wrap our heads around it.’

Roy Schepers, a friend of Cole Short’s, noted that he had recently spent time with the 17-year-old.

‘He seemed happy, he was laughing with us,’  he told CBS Minnesota. ‘Life was good.’

Brian and Karen Short murder suicide pact

Strangely the family’s deaths come after having returned from a vacation to Cancun, Mexico, raising the question if a matter of dire finances was not the instigating matter which led to the deaths. Could one suppose that the family had trekked out earlier in April with high spirits only to sink to despair in recent months before deciding to end matters?

According to a report via bizjournals, Brian Short, who was a nursing student before launching his company, All Nurses reported $1 million in annual revenue in a 2012 profile in the Business Journal. Whilst it is not necessarily understood how family finances or work operations stood at the time of the family’s demise, some have wondered if as a nurse, the father may have opted out to ‘terminate’ out of dire circumstances the way a terminally ill patient, whom presumably had come to observe may have chosen to opt out?

Speaking to the startribune, Police Chief Siitari said he has never seen a scene so grim in his three decades of police work, and that finding the bodies was very hard on the officers involved.

‘There’re no words to describe it,‘ he said. ‘This is a tough one to handle.’

Of question is what prompted the murder suicide pact and how family members came to individually die and what clues will be unearthed in the days ahead?

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Brian and Karen Short murder suicide pact

Brian and Karen Short murder suicide pact

Brian and Karen Short murder suicide pact

Brian and Karen Short murder suicide pact



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  4. Yeah, Bren-duh. Whatever. Lawsuit filed against AllNurses.com and Brian Short
    101 pages
    1-1.pdf I looked into the details that you couldn’t handle. Go copy some more song lyrics.

  5. I’m not saying he was using medical marijuana. I’m saying that if he was using it, no one would blame it for the murder-suicide, unlike antidepressants. Psych meds are stigmatized.

    “.70 % of patients on anti-depressants are not depressed.” Citation?

  6. Medical marijuana has no place in this discussion. It has not been documented that Mr. Short was under the influence of medical marijuana. Do your research.

  7. Medical marijuana advocates tout it as a cure for literally everything, including depression.

    If a person with cancer has surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy, then dies, are the surgery, radiation, or chemotherapy blamed? Usually no.Depression is a common cause of suicide, yet people want to blame the treatment, not the disease.

  8. Not a stigma.. a fact. 70 % of patients on anti-depressants are not depressed. They are prescribed these drugs to make money for big pharma.It interes with brain chemistry sometimes.. causing suicide. Do your research. What has marijuana got do do with the discussion?

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  12. So empathetic Cat. Thanks for sharing this.. it makes those who knew the family feel so much better that you feel it’s a shame.

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    My point was that the full details weren’t known around the crime. The real point I was trying to make was that it was a tragedy for everyone concerned.

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    Brian just returned from Cancun? Second trip that I know of. Am surprised he’s even been to Gooseberry Falls near Duluth. Saw a picture of him and the family there, and guessed it right off. Of corse, it does help having lived up there.

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  16. I knew Brian through all nurses. He was trying to do his best for the people he knew. It wasn’t a pact. It was psychotic depression that killed this family.

  17. Brian was on the big Pharma money maker .. anti-depressants. Anti-depressants mess with an already messed up mind. His doctor and the pharmaceutical company are the real murderers.

  18. This has been reported, and I believe you. Short was a person who was all in on his website and the lavish lifestyle he and his family led. Once he saw the jig was up and he’d been found to be the fraud he was, he decided to end it all and take his entire family with him to Hell.

  19. I would look into the ‘inner workings’ of the site. Say the Administrator sections, and have help from an independent computer analyst. Why? I know several (many) people who have been banned from the site, and some just because their opinions differed from Mr Short’s. He has also posted derogatory comments on a website setup forum about a former member. Check VBulletin and The AdminZone. Do a search for his username of heynurse. Kid you not.

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  22. A murder-suicide is not the same thing as a “murder-suicide pact” … They are entirely different situations. Please be careful not to spread misinformation.

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