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Tammie Veach: Stolen selfie placed in sex ad leads to mom getting hundreds of raunchy calls

Tammie Veach
Who placed a picture of Tammie Veach with her number under a fake sex ad?

Tammie Veach a married mother of two received more than 100 voicemails requesting sex from her after an innocent selfie she posted on Facebook was stolen in lieu of a hoax sex ad.

According to a report via usatoday the woman was offered as much as $1000 by several men in exchange for meeting her after someone posted the ad on Craigslist with Tammie’s number.

Other phone queries included a husband and wife who wanted Tammie to ‘join in’ with them.

The ad since removed claimed that the woman was divorced, looking for casual encounters and that she ‘needed servicing’ by ‘the more the merrier.’

Told the mother via khou: ‘It is very violating. It’s a hoax, I’ve been put on there as a joke.

‘They posted me as wanting multiple sex partners.

‘There was everything from a husband and wife who wanted me as one of their partners to multiple men offering me a $1,000 to meet them.’

The mum from Montgomery County, Texas believes the hoaxer must have obtained her phone number from listings for her family’s Bowfishing business.

She has reported it to the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office who are investigating and has vowed to make sure whoever did it is caught , although ‘the damage is already done.’

Reiterated Tammie: ‘I’m gonna catch you, you are going to pay for what you did, if not for me, for other girls in the future.’

Offered Brady Fitzgerald a representative from the sheriff’s office: ‘Detectives are still following up on it, they did locate an IP address and things like that.’

Until recent legal changes in the state, there was nothing police could do, but now offenses such as online impersonation could be considered a Class A misdemeanor up to a 3rd degree felony.

Tammie Veach

Tammie Veach