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Laura Giles smashes ex lover’s car with BBQ grill after arguing if she drinks too much

Laura Giles
Laura Giles is also a preferred hawt bixch …

The bbq grill attack you can rely on….

Laura Giles a 31 year old Naples, Florida woman has been arrested after going on another drunk tirade which this time saw her smash her ex lover’s automobile with a bbq grill as well as break a broom over his back after the pair got into a fight over whether the woman had a drinking problem.

The good times all began Tuesday evening after her child’s father kicked her out of his 2014 Nissan according to an arrest report issued by the Collier County Sheriff’s Office for ‘drinking too much’ and constantly kicking his vehicle.

A report via the nydailynews describes how at the time, the father, James who has a 13 year old with Giles then drove back to the couple’s Naples home without her which in turn infuriated the woman who upon returning to the house shattered the man’s windshield and dented the hood to his Nissan with the home bbq grill.

For added measure, yes I’ll drink to that as well, Giles is also accused of beating the man with a broomstick until it broke along with chucking a patio through a window.

I prefer mine shaken. How about you? Stirred I imagine. Violently I’d say….

Told the woman when responding deputies arrived at the family home circa 1.30 am: ‘Oh, poor him- a cut on his back.’

Laura Giles has since been charged with battery and criminal mischief. Assessed damages are said to be in the range of $1500. Emotional infinite.

The woman’s arraignment is scheduled for June 1.

Laura Giles

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