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Who’s to blame? Millie Elia, 14 year old cheerleader dies in Mt Cheaha rappelling accident.

 Millie Elia
What caused Millie Elia to die? Had she taken risks that she ought not have been encouraged? Images via instagram

Millie Elia, a 14 year old cheerleader has been killed after plunging 60 feet during a family rappelling trip at Mt Cheaha State Park, Alabama this Easter weekend.

According to reports via foxal the eighth grade student had been rappelling on Pulpit Rockpark with her family and friend when she fell this Saturday at 4.40pm.

How or why the girl fell would not be revealed by the park by park superintendent, Tammy Power.

Katelyn Conrad plummets to her death while rappelling from Arizona cliff.

Pursuant to the Millie Elia’s death, classmates and teachers at Oak Mountain Middle School mourned the student who was part of the Advanced Symphonic Band, the National Junior Honor Society and the Science Club

Taking to social media, a fellow cheerleader (@lexyayerstweeted: ‘Such a beautiful girl,’

‘Such a sad loss. Please send lots of love and prayers to the Elia’s. We love you, Millie.’

The girl would also say that added that prayers needed to go out to Millie’s best friend because she had also been at the scene of the accident.

Added the cheerleader friend: ‘Wish you were gonna be out there cheering with us,’

‘We’ll be cheering for you girl. You’re awesome, Mill! Fly high!’

 Millie Elia

 Millie Elia

Offered Principal Larry Haynes via  WVTM: She was a very involved and well-liked student’

Adding: ‘The students are making cards and passing out ribbons that were made in Millie’s honor yesterday by a group of students and parents who gathered at Veterans Park.’

The school will be holding a private memorial for students, teachers and her family on Tuesday.

And then there were these comments on the web that made me wonder:

Rappelling is different from “playing on rocks and slipping”. The rope work has specific safety equipment that is often redundant. Deaths like this are almost always human error in the setup and/or climber technique.

I’ve been hiking Cheaha since my kids were babies. There are many dangerous areas that inexperienced people should avoid. That being said even the most experienced can run into a tight spot, as I have twice. Please be aware and alert when attempting strenuous activity on the mountain.

Maybe don’t indulge your kids every desire, especially when they’re life threatening. Now your whole family is paying the price of losing someone they loved.

life is too precious to not experience  it… .sometimes experiencing things turns out tragic.. lots of women experience love as well.. and die for it from abuse.. does not that mean women should not love?

Images via instagram

 Millie Elia

 Millie Elia

 Millie Elia



  1. Scallywag and Vagabond,

    My daughter is Millie’s other best friend who was supposd to go on this trip as well but was unable to due to prior obligations. Your article is unnecessarily inflamitory and insensitive. Millie was a wonderful person and to be honest I often worried that my daughter was influencing her. This was a child and her friends, family, and our entire community is morning her. My child will never be the same. She even blames herself for not being there so, your insinuations that this was bad parenting is hurtful and ignorant. We truly loved this girl and her family. Shame on you

  2. Dear Scallywag and Vagabond,
    How dare you. What on earth made you think that you have the right to ask these questions. The family of Millie does not care about what caused the death of their beloved daughter, niece, and cousin. My best friend happens to be her cousin and she hasn’t gone a day without calling me breathless in the middle of the night because she has sobbing for hours. “-don’t indulge your kids every desire, especially when they’re life threatening. Now your whole family is paying the price of losing someone they loved.” Do you know that the Elia family regularly goes rock climbing and repelling? This wasn’t some freak decision such as letting your kid go skydiving without any training or information prior to the event, this was something that they knew how to do, and a horrible event occurred. The family of dear, sweet, beautiful, beloved Millie should not have a stranger telling them to feel guilty. Don’t you think they are feeling enough guilt? Shame on you. Please take down this article.
    Read more: https://scallywagandvagabond.com/2015/04/whos-to-blame-millie-elia-14-year-old-cheerleader-dies-in-mt-cheaha-rappelling-accident/#ixzz3WfUSQGRY

  3. This article is insensitive and trash. I am family friends with Millie’s family. And then you come here pointing fingers and showing comments blaming Millie’s family? They are unbelievably distraught right now at the loss of their daughter and how do you think it makes them feel to see that people who aren’t even familiar with the situation are acting like ignorant assholes and blaming them? Do you think that it is in anyway helpful? The Elia family already has to deal with her death. Now, because of you, they have to wonder if it was their fault. Shame on you.

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