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Gina Michelle is the tow truck clerk that Britt McHenry fat shamed.

Gina Michelle
Did one glamor reporter bite off more than she could chew when she went after towing attendant clerk, Gina Michelle (pictured left).

Whilst she may pay lip service to advocating women’s rights, ESPN reporter Britt McHenry has been exposed of doing anything but that after a vicious regaling of Arlington, Virginia, towing attendant clerk, Gina Michelle went viral this week.

Told the glamor reporter to Michelle who one assumes was just doing her job when McHenry began her vicious and uncalled diatribe: lose some weight, baby girl’,

‘I’m on television and you’re in a f—ing trailer, honey’

Espn Reporter Britt McHenry suspended: ‘Do you feel good about your job?’

Other delicious put downs included: ‘Just being here makes my skin crawl… Maybe if I was missing some teeth they would hire me, huh?’

The April 6 rant is almost unrecognizable from the tone the reporter has taken in previous blog posts where she urged readers in ‘taking a stand’ against ‘sexist commercials that focus on appearance alone.’

Never mind the fact that McHenry revels over her appearances and presumably the privileges and advantages her apppearances and white hot bixch privileged female status ought to merit, aka a free pass when it comes to breaking the law.

Wrote the reporter in one recent blog post where she laments the pressure put on women to look a certain way in society, referencing a cheeseburger ad starring a skimpy woman: ‘When so many females fight for gender equality in pay and opportunity–still to this day in 2015–an advertisement like that only sets women back generations.’

‘Women,‘ she pontificates, ‘can be comfortable in their own skin… Be the woman with a voice, not the sex-ed up body without one.’

Regaling her own life story, McHenry tells readers: ‘Even at 18, and yes as a model once, I never fathomed resting on appearance alone.

‘In a pre-Instagram era, I was more worried about putting my nose in a book rather than flaunting it (and other female assets) in a portfolio book. 

‘If a Champion Sportswear ad helped pay for my student loans, great. But, I wanted to be an attractive AND intelligent woman.’

Gina Michelle

Calling bunk on her pro equal rights for all women, Gina Michelle took to penning the following thoughts which made its way on to arlnow:

I have the entire transaction on video tape of Brittany McHenry. I have her insulting the dispatcher telling her to lose weight and belittling her for doing her job. As a woman in the public eye and posting on her Facebook page about negative words hurting others, is this appropriate? She parked her car and came back 2 hours after the establishment closed (meaning she was not a customer the whole time) and insulted another woman’s weight. Is THIS ok? And when I post the video you’ll say I deserved to be called fat. Bottom line is she got towed. She should not have left her car unattended in a private lot to patronize another bar. Be angry or upset, you don’t insult someone’s looks because you think you’re above them.

Gina Michelle

There is now a petition to have McHenry fired, slamming the sportscaster as ‘derogatory, classist and body-shaming.’ 

The Change.org petition reads: ‘Currently McHenry is serving a mere 1-week suspension for her outburst.

‘By retaining Britt McHenry as a prominent public figure of Sports Media, ESPN Inc. and other networks effectively send a loud public message condoning this type of cruel behavior.

‘The comments captured in the video represent an unacceptable attitude of hatred for lower-income Americans and individuals whose features do not match traditional beauty standards.

‘Britt McHenry lost her credibility as a professional journalist when she shamelessly broadcasted this hatred both to the victim in the video and to a global audience of thousands who now bear witness to it. 

‘Continuing to support Britt McHenry directly threatens not only her potential future victims, but also the integrity of ESPN, the field of American sports media, and journalism as a whole.’

Gina Michelle

Gina Michelle



  1. Brit is a lovely girl… That tow truck company is full of terrible people and is run by criminals. I love in Arlington and have seen that tow truck company employees insulting and towing people’s cars in their presence. When you approach the tow truck employee inside the lot that your car is parked , they cannot tow it. The tow truck company is supposed to just charge u a release fee between $25-$50 dollars but not tow the car. That company tow cars sometimes illegally. they are serious criminals with no manners of respect for others. I am glad Brit defended women rights agaisnt this criminal towing company.

  2. This Britt McHenry is quite a character. I think would have a future in politics is she should seek to pursue it. I could see her on the floor of the Senate. ha ha

  3. Gina Michelle is a pretty lady. What’s more, considering that she works hard at a thankless job, probably making at or near minimum wage, to support her family makes me like her even more. If I had my choice of dinner companions, I would choose Ms. Michelle over Britt..whatsherface any day.

  4. We all hate towing companies. But employees are people – usually at minimum wage. I can’t think of any circumstance where humiliating and shaming another person is acceptable. Had she ranted about her car being towed – not against a less fortunate person – it would be okay. I’m beautiful and your ugly, I”m successful and you are a loser, I’m important and you’re not. This is never okay. Cruel.

  5. I’m against people being rude, stuck up, condescending and all that. But I’m kinda agreeing with you when it comes to towing companies. The majority of them do very shady things to make money. I had a horrible experience in college when a company illegally towed my car. I got my car back at no charge after proving to them that I was parking legally and then threatening to sue, but there were a lot of cars illegally towed that night and I’m pretty sure they got away with charging a lot of those victims? The kicker is that they KNEW they were towing these cars illegally; they just counted on poor students to just pay to get their cars back.

    None of this excuses treating people as this reporter treated the tow truck worker, but I can say that understand her frustration.

  6. First of all, I am rarely out past 10pm.. Secondly, I drive a Honda, so no need for a tow truck..

    And I speak from experience, as I used to do mechanics and storage liens.. Trust me, these people are total scum, all of them..

  7. When your car breaks down at 2 am, I hope the tow truck drivers just leave your butt on the road and let you push it to a garage.

  8. Defending tow truck employees?!… Wow!.. They are all total scum, and thieves, every last one of them..

  9. What I don’t like about the whole episode is that the video seems edited. We also don’t know what the tow truck woman said that may have aggravated the situation. At one point I could hear laughter (mocking?) from behind the glass – which caused the ESPN reporter to lash out again. The video was a revenge posting.

    My point here is that everyone has a right to defend themselves. Being from NY/Bronx, throughout my life I’ve had to deal with crass, rude, crude people who instead of being professional about their jobs, take out their anger and attitude on their ‘customers’. What this reporter did pales in comparison to what I have said in the many situations I have been forced into.

    Until we can hear what the tow truck woman said (who is playing the victim after her company posted a one-sided revenge video), from a highly predatory company with the worst kind of reputation on yelp – I’m on the reporter’s side.

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