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Charles Mann high on miaow miaow stabbed mother before cutting off penis

miaow miaow
How a bender of drugs and booze unleashed a psychotic reaction…

Charles Mann, a 21 year old UK man has been sentenced to 16 months jail on charges of grievous bodily harm after stabbing his mother eleven times whilst high on class b drugmiaow miaow before then cutting off his own penis.

Oh really? Teen stabs mother then cuts off penis after taking meow meow.

According to court testimony the student launched the frenzied attack on his mother, Emma Mann, in December 2013 after bingeing on the party drug (also referred to as droneM-CATmephedrone and meow meow) and copious amounts of alcohol.

After stabbing his mother repeatedly the son turned the knife on himself to cut off his genitalia and was heard shouting: ‘I love you but this is the prophecy’ near their home in Haywards Heath, West Sussex. 

Curiously as her son entered the dock, the man’s mother was seen mouthing ‘I love you’ in his direction reports the UK’s dailymail.

It would not be disclosed why the son had chosen to castrate himself.

In the aftermath of the attack, the mother required surgery for multiple punctures to one of her lungs whilst being wounded on her arms, head and neck.

The court heard how at the time, the mother made a frantic 999 call at 6.20am on December 29, telling operators: ‘My son’s just attacked me and stabbed me and he’s going mental downstairs with the knives.’

The mother had  woken when her son returned home and began ‘trashing’ his room. The court heard how the son followed his mother into the kitchen where he stabbed her 11 times. 

The 21-year-old, who received treatment at a psychiatric facility before being transferred to prison, was so high during the attack he was ‘not responding to pain‘. 

Told prosecuting counsel Amy Packham: ‘He was not reacting to pain and was described as manic and deranged.’

When police arrived at the family home, the son is said to have told officers: ‘I have stabbed her multiple times, I have killed her.

‘I have stabbed my mum and I need to be punished for what I have done.’

‘He said he had taken miaow miaow, loads of lines of it, and a lot of alcohol. He appeared manic and deranged at the time.

‘He was said to have described himself as a ‘paedophile’ to police officers and begged: ‘I do not want to live.  

‘Take me to the light, I can see the vampires.’ 

miaow miaow

After pleading guilty to grievous bodily harm at an earlier hearing the 21-year-old was jailed for 16 month, reduced to eight. 

He will only serve another four weeks owing to the time already spent in custody. 

Sentencing, Judge David Rennie would described the case as ‘wholly exceptional.’

Adding: ‘This case has a number of features which make it if not unique wholly exceptional. The lack of total awareness and capacity to form intent was the direct result of drug induced psychosis,’ 

‘I further recognise that in your psychotic state you inflicted life altering injuries on yourself and have taken this cocktail of drugs before without any particular side effects.

‘Your mother is an extraordinary human being who has conducted herself with enormous dignity, and I thank her very much indeed.’ 

David Etherington QC, representing Mann, said the defendant had become involved in taking drugs after completing his GCSEs and had spent time trying to overcome his problem but had relapsed.

He told the court: ‘His parents even sent him to work on a kibbutz in Israel but the problems would come when he came home and fell in with the same crowd.’

He told the court Mann had had hallucinations on occasions after taking drugs but ‘had never had a reaction which caused him to be violent to another human being, particularly his mother who he loves very much and who he never had any conscious desire to hurt’. 

Charles Mann’s counsel would further elaborate in telling that the defendant had relied on evidence of the attack because he had ‘virtually no coherent memory of what happened’.

He continued: ‘Looking back, in a mind that was very troubled at the time, he can only really rationalise it as being a suicide attempt by him in the grip of a delusion in which his mother somehow got involved.’

The court heard that although Mann had been ‘extremely mentally unwell at the time of the offense due to a drug induced psychosis’ he had now recovered but remained ‘fragile and vulnerable.’

As she left court, Emma Mann would decline overtures to comment to the media. Can anyone guess why?

miaow miaow
miaow miaow


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