Home Scandal and Gossip Drug deal goes live on TV. Commentators laugh, correspondent jack shit.

Drug deal goes live on TV. Commentators laugh, correspondent jack shit.

Drug deal goes live on TV
Sometimes the obvious is just too obvious….

It seems getting the good shit out of the way knows no limits. Snow storms, heat waves, flooding and of course a live telecast of yours truly neighborhood under the winter hatches. Case in point a recent FOX 25 live telecast which had everyone snickering at the obvious in the background except the correspondent who knew jack shit.

mirror.co.uk: Enthusiastically detailing the use of snowploughs in New York to a live audience, this TV presenter seems certain that he’s the focal point in the shot.

However, what he doesn’t realise is that something much more interesting is happening over his shoulder – an apparent drug deal.

The Fox 25 presenter is completely oblivious as two men approach each other and exchange a suspicious looking package for cash.

Within seconds, they have gone their separate ways as it seems snow isn’t the only white powder being shifted in the clip.

Hmm. Drug deal? Some have wondered if it was just a craigslist deal? But then again I didn’t see a spring box or a used Dell Mac being handed over either.

That of course doesn’t stop colleagues back in the studio from giggling (cause they sure as hell know what’s going on, yes we all have college memories of the giddy times of past) who all to well know what’s surely going on.

Eventually our hero correspondent realizes what’s just gone on before he too joins in the giggles.

Interestingly the video has since led to a police investigation being conducted. Can you guess why?

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