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8 Daniel Decu lovers test positive for HIV positive after he dies of AIDS. More victims sought.

Daniel Decu lovers test positive for HIV positive
Did one man willfully pass on AIDs to his scores of lovers?

Bad news indeed. Eight lovers of Romanian lothario, Daniel Decu, 25 have tested HIV positive since the town heart throb recently passed away from a ‘mystery illness.’ An illness which turned out to be AIDS which Decu had kept to himself to the detriment of his more than 40 lovers.

Daniel Decu dies of Aids, causes panic as 40 lovers discover.

Since the news of 8 victims testing positive for HIV positive (on top of two already confirmed cases) in the deceased local’s home town, investigators reports the UK’s mirror have now sought to identify other potential victims in Italy where the man had recently lived a ‘party lifestyle.

At the time of Daniel Decu’s death, the heart throb’s funeral would turn to an ‘angry shouting match’ when it was revealed that Decu’s death had been brought about via AIDS, an illness that the Romanian had kept hidden from scores of lovers.

Reports the mirror: It was also revealed that he’d had his first girlfriend at the age of 12, when his mother had given him a lecture on living with HIV and told him to make sure he always carried a condom with him.

He is said to have contracted the condition in a hospital as a young child.

Although Decu was registered as living with HIV, it only became known to the public when an autopsy was carried out and a coroner’s report published. Why Decu had failed to use protection or why for that matter he sought to potentially expose his lovers to the disease is not necessarily understood.

Daniel Decu lovers test positive for HIV positive

But it gets worse. A previous report would reveal that when a local doctor in the town of Segarcea, in south-eastern Romania’s Dolj County, tried to warn people he had the disease, he was threatened with a lawsuit by the man’s mother.

Doctor Cornel Stanciu, their family physician, knew that Daniel was HIV positive and tried to make his health condition public after the 24-year-old had a relationship with his daughter.

But when Daniel’s mother Elena Secu, 45, found out what the doctor was doing, she had threatened to sue him unless it stopped.

Told the doctor: ‘I knew he had a lot of female friends but there was nothing I could do about it.’

In her defense of her son, Decu’s mother insists that all of the women that her son had relationships with knew that he had been suffering from HIV since he was little.

Telling: ‘They all knew, I don’t know why they are saying these things now.’

Adding: ‘Dani went to the psychologist to prepare himself for living with the virus, and I told him he had to use protection, I was telling it to him from the age of 12. My boy had condoms in his pocket all the time.’

But did he use them and if not, why?

Daniel Decu lovers test positive for HIV positive

Reiterated the mother: ‘I want this case to be resolved, and for my boy to rest in peace in his grave. He died because of tuberculosis, not from any complications as a result of suffering from the HIV virus.’

That said critics of the mother point out that tuberculosis was often a consequence of having the HIV virus, with around 25 percent of deaths among HIV-positive people due to TB.

She also claimed that her son had been in good health despite living with the HIV virus, and had only started to get sick after deciding to move to Italy where he lived for a year.

She said that when he came back from Italy he seemed pale and sick and that a year after that he had died.

As investigators hope to warn other potential victims they are struggling to find out where the lothario had lived in Italy, with few clues to go by.

In total 40 women are known to have applied to take the test, although many more are suspected to have had the test done secretly in other counties.

Although it is impossible to take any action against the dead man, his mother and family are being investigated as well as others who knew about his condition, and said nothing.

Daniel Decu lovers test positive for HIV positive
Segarcea, Romania.

AIDS remains the only disease specifically mentioned in a Romanian criminal law, where it says the transmission of the virus by a person who already knows he or she is infected can be punishable with a jail term of between five and 15 years.

Offered Nicolae Popa, the mayor of Segarcea: ‘The boy’s mother is to blame for the terrible situation that we now find ourselves in.

‘It is only now that it has become clear that the family physician knew he was HIV positive and tried to make the situation public. When he started to do so he was threatened with a lawsuit by Daniel’s mother.’

But the young man’s aunt Maria said: ‘Dani contacted the HIV virus at the Segarcea Hospital. At the time he was taken to hospital, several children were also infected.

‘I know another three individuals that died, while others still live. My nephew is not guilty of anything.

‘There are girls who had intimate relations with him, and the blood test came out negative so why is he to blame for those that are positive?’

What do you think? Is Daniel Decu to blame for those individuals who tested positive for HIV positive and why if he knew he had the virus did he not make more effort to be responsible and warn potential lovers, unless he did. Or did he?

Daniel Decu lovers test positive for HIV positive



  1. The mother should be held accountable on the charges the boy would have received to some degree considering she stopped a doctor from letting people know they were likely infected with the virus. She’s 100% an accomplice in the whole matter not only keeping silent, but when it was threatened to be outed she came up with a lawsuit to stop it.

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