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Luis Martin Rocha Perez posts picture of him pointing gun to nephew’s head on facebook

Luis Martin Rocha Perez
Luis Martin Rocha Perez is also a preferred hawt bixch…

Luis Martin Rocha Perez a Mexican man has caused discontent after posting an image of him pointing a gun at his two year old nephew’s head on Facebook.

After having taken the pictures of what appears to be with a live gun, the 26 year old Mexico city parking attendant decided it would ‘be funny’ to then post the images on Facebook. Except social media users didn’t exactly find the stunt particularly funny.

Since the faux pas, Luis Martin Rocha Perez has been forced to issue an apology even going so far to offer his regrets in a youtube video.

In fact so outraged were social media users with the man, they took to lobbying against the parking valet service he worked for with the trending hashtage #LordValetParking.

Wrote one user: Have you seen these images? Check his Facebook profile out, this is not a man, it is a monster,’

Wrote another: ‘The true face of a coward.’

Luis Martin Rocha Perez

Making matters worse, social media users would also come to find that it hadn’t been the first time that Rocha had carried such a stunt with the man having uploaded a similar photograph last summer aiming the same apparent toy gun at a woman. 

Pause. Gently sip a languid teacup of chamomile. And back on the merry go round of Perez’s existence…

Told our collective hero in his apology: ‘Taking and uploading those images was a mistake. And I can confirm that it was only a toy gun and there were no consequences for the child as a result of the pictures,

‘The young boy is my nephew who lives in the same house as me and we were playing. But I accept they were open to misinterpretation and I want to apologize through social networks to the netizens and also the authorities for my foolish action.

‘I have already contacted police and told them that the gun is a toy gun and I have offered to provide it if needed as proof of my claim.’

Because who can resist the temptation of usurping one’s sense of power over a defenseless individual….?

Luis Martin Rocha Perez

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  • melissa

    It’s not gone

  • anti-mexican

    I doubt he can go “back” to a country he’s never been to, some but not all of these mexicans were’nt born here, and are jumping the borders daily.

  • charlie

    And yet we still continue to openly allow these dumb mother fuckers to reside in our country!

    Send them back!!!!

    No tolerance!!!!

  • my opinion

    An apology isn’t enough……..this man is sick! Pics with him with a gun to a baby AND an adult……unacceptable behavior!! I don’t feel he’s the least bit sorry…….

  • TheNameGame

    Okay…..it’s not right, and it’s definitely a photo taken in poor taste…but how is it that people will act on this unanimously, but not any other situation where a party is taking advantage of a defenseless individual? Is it because this is super easy to do? Like when everyone was calling Donald Sterling a racist and reposting it as if it was the worst thing they’ve ever seen? If anything, this guy needs a slap in the face and a lesson. But people are suggesting that he get shot, as if he really did murder someone (like famous or rich people we know that have gotten away with killing, intentionally or not). This dude made an ass of himself (stupid is, as stupid does), but be consistent with your outrage cause children are being shot at for reals and just cause you don’t have a photo to retweet or repost or add a hashtag to, doesn’t mean you aren’t contributing by being complacent

  • TRIPS777-66

    What The Fuck ! Why Is This Piece Of Shit Still Walking The Streets ? AN THE POLICE DO ” NOTHING ” WITH THIS ASS HOLE !

  • Crysta

    His punishment should be to hold onto what he believes is a live grenade, primed to explode the instant he lets go of it… glue it to his hand, then just let it stay there…

    Then, 3-4 hours later, come back laughing, telling him it was all just a joke… ha ha ha…

    He can clean up his pants on his own…

  • nellD

    Unless you’re Native Anerican (and no having a Cherokee princess in your blood line or being 1/64th whatever doesn’t count) go back to YOUR own soil.

  • Renee

    The young boy is my nephew who lives in the same house as me and we were playing. But I accept they were open to misinterpretation and I want to apologize through social networks to the netizens and also the authorities for my foolish action.
    I doubt a two year old child would consent to playing this type of game. So how could he say we were playing. He is the only one playing. So silly.

  • Maria Magdalena Rodriquez

    Exactly what I was thinking!!

  • CahpahWinyan

    How about you go first! Go back to whatever YourApeeOn country your from douchebag. Don’t put this dumbass into the entire Mexican category. If that were the case you & all the child molesters/rapist can hop back on the Mayflower and sail back to your homeland

  • Not a racist asshole.

    really guy? really?

  • Phebe

    Luis Perez, you are one demented evil and disgusting individual. You have a very serious mental problem and if you don’t get it in check, someone is gonna check you out.

  • the devil


  • likalaruku

    How’d he get Comic Sans on his Facebook profile?

  • Jim Merwin

    And yet Obama continues to let the fucking piece of shit mexicans to stay here in the USA… Go back to Mexico and kill people on your OWN soil!!!!!!!!!

  • Pat Shaw

    If this is true and the mans name is known why hasn’t he been arrested, the child taken away from the parents?? Something has to be done about these posts, come on face book fix this!!!!

  • ddavel544

    Only reason I know of this is via a shared photo off of Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1545352376
    Woman named Chenoa still has it in her photo album. Why? I don’t know.
    As to these types that do post pics of themselves doing idiotic stuff like this. Why? I don’t know why. But it does show me the depths of depravity society at large has achieved through social sites such as FB. Sure, this guy makes a video apologizing for his stupidity. But I doubt his sincerity. The smartest thing he can do at this point is, to never post another picture of himself on any public site ever again. And I doubt he will ever stop. He thrives on the attention.
    What’s the attraction in that? Again, IDK.

  • Tamera

    So the baby was his Nephew charming, brother or not I would have made him wish he’d never done that to my child. Hope the mother and father of the child has kicked his ass.this was not a joke and he stated we were playing duh sure the baby wasn’t . Reeeeetard 🙁

  • Thom Clark

    That’s a pellet gun…..
    still doesn’t make it right

  • amp69

    It’s viral now he can’t remove it.

  • crys327

    Who even thinks or plays like that??? Need to shove that gun up his ass

  • crys327

    Not funny and that is nothing to play about. The person taking the pic is just as guilty as this dumb fuck!!! Why would you even play around like that? Put that gun to your own head!!

  • Illustrated Woman

    It was reported many, many times and Facebook would not take it down. It is finally gone, but that is a big reason everyone was so outraged.

  • Coco Drilo

    “Poos…poos.. ee poos” He had to be a peenchay nahcoh *sighs!

  • Who cares

    your ass will be going down

  • RolloverRider

    Bad reporting!

    Beth Whaanga who you say LOST a lot of friends is part of “Under the Red Dress Project” and GAINED A TON of friends world wide, me included for being brave enough to show the damage cancer can cause.

    Being part of an origination that helps women who has suffered the fate of breast cancer and yes other forms of that fun disease (ok, gasp hard but until you have ridden that roller coaster, to me it was just another fun, educational journey through life. Try it some time then out live that clock they put you on!) is what makes Beth and many other HEROS for the cause!

    Please do a better job of reporting and yes, thanks for putting her picture out there as she wants so women KNOW what can happen when cancer comes knocking at the door! Yes, they are horrible pictures but, man, is she a beautiful person! To bad she’s married to a great guy or some of us would be chasing her, scars and all!

    As for the moron with the toy gun? Bust his chops so hard his head will never come out of his six!

  • Myste

    If he is so regretful, why has he not removed the pictures??

  • Schyla Crown

    honestly I think people need to stop reposting this stuff… if you see it report it to facebook, and post it on the page for the local police department and let them deal with it. making this stuff go viral is why these idiots keep doing this stupid stuff…

  • amp69

    “Taking and uploading those images was a mistake. And I can confirm that it was only a toy gun and there were no consequences for the child”

  • Deborah Calhoun

    You are a disgusting excuse for a man..anyone who would do this and call it jest/ anyone who would do this period should be committed…you are a vile, evil, pitiful excuse for a human

  • Chuck

    “Is”, is indeed a word. Could not resist.

  • Mandy Staley

    What about the person taking the pic?

  • Spoken.word

    Pull the trigger on yourself next time you POS!!!!!!!!!

  • Amy

    is not a word

  • Robin Embry


  • jhikbgg

    Assole’s not a word.

  • 1%Biker