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Calf reduction surgery is the new way to fit into your knee high boots

Calf reduction surgery
Are you ready to finally take the plunge?

Ladies have you ever screamed in vain trying to fit into your knee high boots (I know I have) only to be resigned to the knowledge shit wasn’t meant for you? Until now that is…

Fear not as a new wonderful procedure has befallen us fashionistas with the onset of calf reduction surgery. Yes at last, a sensible way of being able to fit into those bootsies….

The new procedure which surely you too will be clamoring for tells Dr. Matthew Schulman, a NYC board certified plastic surgeon by way of ABCnews comes as patients seek to have liposuction to slim their legs from the knee down to avoid what he terms ‘boot bulge.’

But the procedure isn’t for everybody…

Reiterates Dr Schulman: ‘If the woman is an avid bike rider or runner and it’s all muscle, the procedure isn’t possible. There has to be at least a little fat there to perform the procedure,’

Damn muscular legs! Always getting in the way of my near perfect life…

Concedes Dr Schulman: ‘It’s a tricky procedure. You’re using microliposuction to take out very small amounts of fat,’

Well I don’t care! I want that gone now. I need to look lithe and svelte in my bootsies. Right ladies? Exactly…

And once again there are more caveats.

Dr Schulman tells that recovery time for calf reduction surgery can take up to ten months which of course is a fashion faux pas disaster as fashionistas will be preempted from parading in this season’s must have bootsies. Yes life is evil ladies. That said Dr Schulman does suggest that most women are approximately 85% recovered after four or five months. Ahh, there is a gawd after all…

But lest you think it will be all smooth sailing after surgery ladies, there is the inconvenience (yes never ending) of being required to wear a snug compression knee high stocking for at least two months after calf reduction surgery to reduce for swelling and skin adhesion advises Dr Elizabeth Morgan, an Atlanta-based plastic surgeon.

And how much will this all cost ladies?

According to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, the average cost of nirvana in 2013 was $2,815.

In an added note, the UK’s dailymail reports that calf reduction surgery first gained popularity in South Korea, which boasts the world’s highest rate of plastic surgery per capita before making its way over to the US. The procedure tell doctors has been made easier by better technology and equipment which has allowed surgeons to operate in areas of the body once deemed unimaginable.

What do you think ladies? Will you be getting your calf reduction surgery out of the way soon too….?

Calf reduction surgery


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