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Juliet Huddy, Fox News host: Video suggests Ferguson officer, Darren Wilson was justified in killing unarmed teen Michael Brown

Juliet Huddy
Because Juliet Huddy knows which side of the toast her bread is buttered…

In another show of why we ought to live in a police state (do we already?), Fox & Friends host, Juliet Huddy went on a crusade yesterday morning to convince us that perhaps Ferguson cop,  St Louis, Missouri police officer Darren Wilson, whose actions have since resulted in a week long riot in St Louis was correct in shooting dead unarmed African American teen Micheal Brown.

Since the August 9th fatal shooting, many in the community have been outraged, pointing to the notion that the shooting was race related and portending of racial profiling and stereotyping. All issues that Fox News host, Juliet Huddy swept under the table (yes there are editorial edicts that one is obliged to follow in corporate media) as she went along with the ‘interesting‘ theory that maybe Officer Darren Wilson was right to shoot Michael Brown given the fact that officers at the time were on the hunt for a local black youth that had been involved in a burglary moment before. All things that Officer Darren Wilson had no knowledge of before he took to shooting the teen anyway.

That though didn’t stop Ferguson police department from releasing a tape of Brown being involved in an incident moments before where he purportedly strong armed and stole cigarettes from a convenience store. Which is to imply that cops may have been correct to shoot dead the unarmed teen cause Brown once and for all was proven to be a thug and worthy of being assailed any which way.

Reiterates raw story: On Saturday, law enforcement sources told NBC News that the Department of Justice had asked Ferguson police not to release the video over fears that it could inflame protests after Ferguson Police Chief Tom Jackson admitted that the officer who shot Brown did not know he was a suspect in the robbery.

Adds opposingviewsOn Friday, Chief Jackson publicly stated that Officer Wilson was not aware that Brown was a robbery suspect. Chief Jackson said that Officer Wilson stopped Brown because he was walking in the middle of a residential street, and not on the sidewalk, notes MSNBC. 

Nevertheless instead of listening to common sense, Ferguson police department’s decision to release the video only inflamed the community who once again took to another vigil of protests, infuriated by the gall of Ferguson police department to insinuate that perhaps a robbery down the street had anything to do with Michael Brown’s complicity (never mind the fact that at that moment he was unarmed and simply going about his personal affairs or for that matter according to witnesses not once a threat to officers) save for the obvious inconvenience that both individuals were urban, black and likely up to no good, as we must all come to believe given the preferred logic and fear we all ought to have with African American youth. Again corporate media knows how to spin you into a cacophony of fear and repression with the slightest whiff of inertia and community prejudice.

Offered Fox News host Juliet Huddy: ‘You see this local police department seems to be completely overwhelmed,’

‘They felt that it would anger the crowd, which I don’t understand.’

‘Why would the Justice Department pressure them not to?” co-host Tucker Carlson asked. ‘Obviously it’s not to keep the situation under control… [The FBI] refused to intervene when people were looting stores. So if you had an interest in keeping the situation under control, you would control the situation by preventing people from stealing wigs.’

‘But the thing is that the crowd immediately went out there when they found out that this man was shot — a young black man was shot by a white cop,’ Huddy said. ‘They went out there, they were furious about it.’

She continued: ‘Had that tape been out there, had crowd realized that this man might have been robbing a store, there might have been something else criminal going on there, you know, to lend credence to the fact that maybe in some way — we don’t know this — but maybe this officer was justified, maybe this was a bad guy, maybe he wasn’t the ‘gentle giant.’ I’m not saying that’s what it was.’



  1. So, given that we are now hearing that the cop suffered a fractured eye socket during his encounter with Brown, I guess the possibility that the cop’s story is accurate. Maybe it happened when Brown was throwing his hands up to surrender. Yeah, right.

  2. So a woman is vilified for NOT reaching a conclusion before all the information is in. How quaint. It is ironic that these people have no sense of irony that they are forming a lynch mob for this cop. Incidentally, Stefan Molyneux put forth a video setting forth the facts as we know them so far, which tend to corroborate the officer’s version of events.

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