Home Scandal and Gossip Gene Simmons of Kiss tells depressed people to commit suicide.

Gene Simmons of Kiss tells depressed people to commit suicide.

Gene Simmons of Kiss tells depressed people to commit suicide
How did Gene Simmons of Kiss manage to have the world hate him this morning?

Gene Simmons of Kiss rock band has found himself in a public relations guffaw after comments he made regarding depressed individuals should commit suicide less than two weeks before actor Robin Williams suicide came to be picked up.

The controversy came as the 64 year old rocker took to speaking with Songfacts.com on July 31, where he told those with suicidal tendencies should just get on and kill themselves if they’re standing on a bridge getting ready to jump and that he’s be the first one to ‘call them on their bluff.’

Asked by the program’s journalist Roger Catlin if Gene Simmons still kept in touch with original KISS members who left the band over the years, Simmons responded:

‘No, I don’t get along with anybody who’s a drug addict and has a dark cloud over their head and sees themselves as a victim. Drug addicts and alcoholics are always: ‘The world is a harsh place.’ My mother was in a concentration camp in Nazi Germany. I don’t want to hear f**k all about ‘the world as a harsh place.’ She gets up every day, smells the roses and loves life. And for a putz, 20-year-old kid to say, ‘I’m depressed, I live in Seattle.” F**k you, then kill yourself,’

But that was just the introduction of Gene Simmons feel good for you and me life.

Went on to tell Gene Simmons: ‘I always call them on their bluff. I’m the guy who says ‘Jump!’ when there’s a guy on top of a building who says, ‘That’s it, I can’t take it anymore, I’m going to jump.’ Are you kidding? Why are you announcing it? Shut the f**k up, have some dignity and jump! You’ve got the crowd.’

It wouldn’t be until Robin Williams suicide, thought to be the result of deep depression that the actor was suffering that commentators would begin to have a second look at the aging rocker’s recent comments, with some wondering if the ageing rocker had gone on a ‘shocking tangent’ cause he sought relevancy as his star has come to fade.

Responding to the comments, Mötley Crüe bassist Nikki Sixx would denounce Simmons on his radio show, Sixx Sense.

Told Sixx: ‘It’s pretty moronic because [Simmons] thinks everybody listens to him, that he is the God of Thunder. He will tell you he is the greatest man on earth, and to be honest with you, I like Gene. But in this situation, I don’t like Gene. I don’t like Gene’s words,” Sixx said. “There is a 20-year-old kid out there who is a Kiss fan and reads this and goes, ‘You know what? He’s right. I should just kill myself.’

Adding: ‘For people who are depressed, there is a way out. There are many, many ways out…Don’t listen to people who don’t know what they’re talking about.’

Gene Simmons of Kiss tells depressed people to commit suicide

Also taking umbrage with the rocker was local Sydney, Australia based radio station, Triple M, known for its decades of support of rock and alternative music, where the outlet came to announce yesterday that they would be removing all KISS songs from their playlists nationwide.

In a statement published on the Triple M website, network head Mike Fitzpatrick labelled Simmons’ comments ‘misguided and insensitive.’

Adding: ‘Depression and suicide are not topics he should be using to further his notoriety or sell records. His desperation to use mental health issues to find relevancy in a modern age is sickening. I can only put it down to a brain fade on his part. The Triple M Network can’t and won’t be playing or supporting this d***head’s music. I put the challenge out to other stations across Australia and North America to also drop any of this nudnik’s songs until such time as he reconsiders his thoughtless and insensitive position.’

As news of Simmons’ comments spread, twitter went to work having the 64 year old for dinner:

Gene Simmons of Kiss tells depressed people to commit suicide

Gene Simmons of Kiss tells depressed people to commit suicide

Gene Simmons of Kiss tells depressed people to commit suicide



  1. Who gives a flying F*CK about anyone or any group that boycotts KISS. Simmons is 64 years old, is already inducted into the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame and has hundreds of millions of dollars. Unlike the other alcoholic and drug addict members of KISS, Simmons has been a wise business man. He is right, F*CK the suicide wanna bees. You want to kill yourself, then do it moron. Announcing and crying about it is useless. The world will go on without you. Guaranteed the sun will come out tomorrow whether you are here or not. That goes for everybody. So by all means, knock yourself out and check out!

  2. I will always be a loyal KISS fan but have said since day one that Gene Simmons is an asshole. This proves my beliefs to be correct. I was severely depressed and had thoughts of suicide oddly enough at age 20. If I had offed myself then I wouldn’t have my son Jack who is now a 3rd generation KISS fan. I wonder what Gene’s cynical pompous ass would have to say about that. Sorry I don’t have the “my mom was in a concentration camp card” to pull out whenever someone is sad or depressed about whatever to tell them your problems are miniscule and don’t matter and should be happy. And I can only wish I had Gene’s $300,000,000 fortune to keep me happy which he seems to consistently fornicate over. And someone please explain the Seattle comment. I’m assuming it’s a dig at Kurt Cobain. Seriously what a stereotypical douchebag. Please Gene do us a favor. Go buy an island. Move there with just a fat stack of $1000 bills to fuck. No wife. No kids. Then get back in touch with the rest of the world when you get depressed because you miss your family so much that we can all tell you to go fuck off and die by your own hands.

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