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Video: Eric Garner, choked dad offered no medical aid by NYPD

Eric Garner choked
Did the NYPD come to apply unnecessary force against one man?

A newly released video (see below) shows cops failing to offer medical aid to Staten Island dad, Eric Garner who came to die at the hands of the NYPD after been placed into a chokehold.

Oh really? Eric Garner police report neglects to mention choke hold. 

Instead the unresponsive man is filmed with cops nonchalantly talking around him he lay unresponsive on a sidewalk, before cops then proceed to empty Garner’s pockets.

Overhead on the video, posted on youtube last night is a cop telling: C’mon, guy,”

‘Breathe in, breathe out.’

But Garner, on his side with his eyes closed, doesn’t move at all — even when the officer slaps him on the shoulder. The side of his head remains flat against the concrete, and his eyes never open.

At one point, another officer is seen taking a cell phone and a pack of cigarettes from the 43-year-old Garner’s pants.

But the mayhem only descends when an EMT arrives four minutes into the video, with emergency workers declining to provide the fallen man emergency aid. Inexplicably the Staten Island dad is just loaded onto a stretcher and wheeled off.

Cops would tell that Eric Garner would be  pronounced dead a short time later after arriving at a Staten Island hospital.

NYPD Officer Daniel Pantaleo, caught on another video putting Garner in a chokehold after a confrontation involving Garner purportedly illegally selling loosies (yes 50 cents will get you the attention of the NYPD) on a sidewalk, is seen standing a few feet away chatting amiably with a uniformed colleague.

Near the end of the clip, he gives a satiric wave to the person shooting the second video.

Pantaleo, an eight-year veteran, would subsequently come to be placed on modified duty yesterday as cops and the Staten Island district attorney investigated the case.

Pantaleo would also be stripped of his gun and shield, assigned to work desk duty.

The police union would in turn denounce the move as ‘knee-jerk’ and ‘completely unwarranted.’

But detectives arrived at his Staten Island home Saturday afternoon, leaving about 25 minutes later with one box and three bags taken from the residence.

Another NYPD officer, Officer Justin Damico, on the force four years, the nydailynews would tell was also pulled off the street — but he was not forced to turn in his badge or his weapon.

Outside Damico’s home Saturday, an infuriated woman screamed at reporters.

‘Get off my f—— property! F—— retards!” she howled. “One picture of me and I’ll sue you!’

Eric Garner choked

That said there is now debate as to how Eric Garner came to die, with a source telling the nydailynews that there were no signs of neck trauma, such as a crushed windpipe, on the heavyset victim.

‘There’s no indication this is death by strangulation or asphyxia,’ the source said.

Another source said the likely cause of death will be a heart attack, although other actions — including the illegal takedown of Garner — ‘will probably go down as contributing factors.’

Which forces the question,  when authority figures decide to apply degrees of actions/duress/violence/heavy handedness on citizens and they come to suffer injury or fatality should we expect authority figures to accept culpability for such measures?

Which also raises other questions, could have cops chosen other less combative ways to respond to Eric Garner and why in the face of no immediate threat or life or death circumstances did cops use such overt aggressive tactics? Or is this just how cops go about business? Especially as some on the web have suggested if one is a minority…

Eric Garner choked

‘Tactically, very little was done right,’ the source would tell. ‘The first two cops (Pantaleo and Damico) didn’t engage Garner … They appear to know him. Do something to put him at ease.’

A sergeant caught standing nearby in the video could be nailed for ‘failure to supervise,‘ the source said.

Told Eric Sharpton who at the side of Garner’s widow, Esaw Garner at a Harlem rally yesterday: ‘There is no justification at all on this chokehold,’

‘And there is clearly no reason, when a man is saying, ‘I can’t breathe, I can’t breathe,’ that you maintain this chokehold.’

A funeral for Garner was set for Wednesday at Bethel Baptist Church in Brooklyn.

Eric Garner choked



  1. You don’t now anything about my Navy career or why I chose the career path that I did. I’ll give you that some people consider me to be a ‘conspiracy theorist’… something I was paid to do for part of my time in the military (running a high-profile/level Intelligence and Counterinsurgency section). But a retard??? Really? From a guy that doesn’t know anything about logical fallacies and critical thinking? You’re out of your depth so you result to name calling and insults and other types of logical fallacies. By that measurement, you are the retarded one. I’m done with this argument as I don’t like to engage in name calling, those arguments are not really productive. I’m sure you’ll think it’d because I’m intimidated by your superior debate strategy, but you would be wrong.

  2. No, I’m insulting you because you are a conspiracy theorist and a retard – probably why you couldn’t become on officer.

    The Navy thing was just a little extra fun.

  3. Let me just point out that you are doing the same thing (commenting on my second post so I’m merely following along as if that would invalidate my whole argument to begin with lol) and you should probably read this before asking questions that have already been answered. Yi Am I to take it that you are insulting me because I was in the Navy? hahaha http://www.asvac.org/CPR.pdf

  4. Why do you keep replying to yourself? Do you know how to use the internet? They teach you that in the Navy?

    Are you trying to claim that checking his carotid pulse wasn’t the appropriate thing to do? Huh, Daniel?

  5. You lost this battle ‘Belligerent’ before you ever even posted your first comment. You don’t have the knowledge or experience to debate this topic and your refusal to acknowledge facts or that you’re wrong are more indicators that you lack well developed critical thinking skills.

  6. Let me clarify, there were no OBVIOUS signs of circulation that a layperson or medical personnel are trained to look for. The way she checked the pulse was wrong nd inappropriate for someone who has potentially gone into cardiac arrest (which a proper assessment would of indicated). She violate procedure after procedure and I don’t need the ME’s findings to know that. http://www.nytimes.com/2014/07/22/nyregion/medical-workers-face-scrutiny-after-mans-death-in-police-custody.html?_r=0

  7. And if he went into cardiac arrest as seems likely, then her checking of the pulse and how she responded were even more wrong. The ME NEVER released any finding, preliminary or not. That was more disinformation from the police. The autopsy has been inconclusive and may take another two weeks before the findings are released.

  8. ” there are no other signs of circulation”

    I’m glad you were there.

    Me? I’m going to wait until the report comes out. Because everything so far has stated that he went into cardiac arrest in the ambulance on the way to the hospital.

    Oh, but they probably made that up, right? And the ME probably made up his initial finding too, right?

  9. Not unfounded, there are no other signs of circulation and her incompetence doesn’t bode well for her ability to check for a pulse accurately (especially given the circumstance and physical characteristic of the casualty and that she was in a high stress situation plus wearing gloves). If this was how she performed on her CPR, let alone BLS, practical exam she would have failed by a large margin.

  10. Your name, in this case, is an inaccurate description as you are not ready for a logic battle or debate with me… far from it actually. I could give you some pointers on critical thinking and logical fallacies as you are obviously lacking in these areas… but your lack of critical thinking probably precludes that.

  11. Great, so we know that the parametric checked the pulse because we can see that in the video.

    Your further assertion that she felt no pulse and then proceeded to NOT start CPR is unfounded.

    You are retarded.

  12. I think you should reread my sentence again and look at what I actually said before resorting to name calling. Let me break it down for you. “Checking for a pulse is a very difficult task (even for unaided medical personnel) and is why it’s not usually recommended, especially for large people.” The statement clearly distinguishes between two groups (medical and non-medical personnel), that is basic English.

    /pəˈrɛnθəsɪs/ Show Spelled [puh-ren-thuh-sis] Show IPA
    noun, plural pa·ren·the·ses /pəˈrɛnθəˌsiz/ Show Spelled [puh-ren-thuh-seez] Show IPA .
    1. either or both of a pair of signs () used in writing to mark off an interjected explanatory or qualifying remark, to indicate separate groupings of symbols in mathematics and symbolic logic, etc.
    2. Usually, parentheses. the material contained within these marks.
    3. Grammar . a qualifying, explanatory, or appositive word, phrase, clause, or sentence that interrupts a syntactic construction without otherwise affecting it, having often a characteristic intonation and indicated in writing by commas, parentheses, or dashes, as in William Smith—you must know him—is coming tonight.
    4. an interval.

    ‘is not usually recommended” absolutely true for laypersons

    “especially for large people” Absolutely true for everyone. The fat and poor circulation of large people makes finding a pulse even more extremely difficult. New standards of CPR say to give compressions even if you do find a faint pulse if the casualty is unresponsive… was he responsive? I haven’t even mentioned how much more difficult finding a pulse is when you are wearing gloves but that should be included as well.

  13. The reason you are retarded is that these people were NOT lay persons. And a paramedic should ALWAYS check a pulse. I mean, I guess if the patient has their head decapitated then there wouldn’t be a need.

  14. I would expect no less from an organization that shot 9 innocent bystanders because they were trigger happy. Cops get away with far too much and too many EMS personnel are complicit and go along with covering their asses.

  15. Thank you. I’ve been choked by a scarf around my neck by 3 hulking NYPD officers. They held me up by my scarf to handcuff me. I am a 5′ 100 lb woman. And I wasn’t violent, I hadn’t broken any law, and I had no weapon. This is routine violence and ignorance at work. They have no training in anything else. The cops also slammed my head into the ground and jammed the knee into my face so I couldn’t lift my head. I was also crying that I couldn’t breathe and they did nothing at all about it but pull my scarf up higher so I couldn’t speak. I thought they would strangle me to death. I am shocked no one offers any medical assistance at all. Not even the paramedics! This legal system needs a complete overhaul. Cops should be trained to *help* people. It’s like they were hot for an arrest since the two who had been fighting had fled. So they turn to the man who broke up the fight because they thought they could get him instead. I hate this so much.

  16. I expect an apology for the name calling but I know I probably won’t get it. I know far more about Basic Life Support than you do and you’re barking up the wrong tree.

  17. “Checking for a pulse is a very difficult task (even for unaided medical personnel) and is why it’s not usually recommended”

    You are retarded.

  18. ABC’s are still valid, CAB is ONLY for steps of CPR, not evaluating a casualty. ABC’s still apply for evaluation. CAB stands for Compression, Airway, Breathing. You use to begin CPR by first adjusting the airway, and then giving breaths, followed by compression (ABC’s of CPR not of evaluation). Checking for a pulse is a very difficult task and why it’s not usually recommended, especially for large people. Instead you check for signs of circulation, breathing being one of those. You would still give rescue breaths to someone who had a pulse but was not breathing, lest it lead to cardiac arrest. It’s not jumping to conclusion when almost every medical person I’ve talked to has said the same thing, from EMTs to Registered Nurses, to even Doctors. There is a reason these medics have been suspended WITHOUT pay. Maybe you should know what you’re talking about before telling someone else they don’t.

  19. As a former BLS instructor I’m kind of surprised that you aren’t aware that the “ABC’s” are now “CAB.” I guess you haven’t done it in awhile.

    Anyway, I saw one police officers check for a pulse before the paramedic arrived. I have no idea what he found or what the paramedic found when she checked his pulse when she got there. However, if they had found a pulse, that would have a been a valid reason to not begin CPR. I guess the report will clarify all this. …ya know, before you jump right in to your theory of collusion to commit murder or whatever.

  20. I was a Basic Life Support Instructor for 6 years and trained and re-qualified hundreds of people in that time, including First Responders and Hospital Staff. My sister has over 20 years experience as an Oncology Register Nurse and is very familiar with how death looks. Eric Garner, from the time the second video starts, is giving no indications of breathing, and both my sister and I agree on that. A person as large as him and with the breathing problems he had, always will display visual indicators that they are breathing, their chest and stomach rises and falls. That is not happening in this video and it should have been even more labored after what he endured… if he was still breathing. If a person hasn’t been breathing as long as he had been, they would have no pulse. There was never an assessment of whether he was breathing or not, the ABCs are supposed to be done in order; Airway, Breathing, Circulation. I believe they conspired to act as if he were alive to prevent a possible riot. A video forensic enhancement and analysis should be performed to determine what the EMS and police talked about away from the camera. I believe they colluded in criminal negligence that prevented this man’s life from being saved.

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