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Gregory Schaffer on trial for contractually forcing girl to have sex with him

Gregory Schaffer
How a sexual predator was able to coerce and dupe young women…

Gregory Schaffer a 35 year old unemployed BayonneNew Jersey man is currently appearing in Federal court after duping a then 15 year old Brooklyn teenager into having sex with him after she signed ‘work contract papers‘ with the man.

Posing as the owner of several Victoria Secret and Champs stores, Gregory Shaffer purportedly told the woman who was seeking work after having agreed to sign on employer/employee papers that she was now contractually bound to have sex with him.

Upon the signing of the ‘contract’ in March 2o12, the man to the teen’s surprise informed her that she was now legally obliged to have sex with him and furthermore her contract stipulated that she was not allowed to discuss the contract with anyone.

During the signing off, Schaffer explained that if she reneged on her terms he would be forced to sue the girl’s grandmother who at the time was her legal guardian.

Testified the girl in court told the nypost: ‘He told me I just signed a document agreeing to do those things with him, I was shocked.’

Adding: ‘It said I agreed to open-mouthed kissing, closed-mouthed kissing … and (various types of) sex,’ said the diminutive teen, now 18, testifying under the pseudonym Stasia Sierra. ‘I just thought that I agreed to not do these things with other employees at the business.’

Crying and frightened, the teen agreed to have sex with Schaffer.

Prosecutors would tell the man’s plot developed after he answered her innocent Craigslist ad seeking summer employment in the retail field.

At the time Gregory Schaffer was at first able to convince the teen to pose in revealing outfits, telling her he had contacts in the modeling industry.

Prosecutors told that Schaffer had run similar scams on other young victims and that federal agents discovered images of him in various stages of undress with other ‘children’ on his home computer.

In one incident Schaffer was caught impersonating a Navy Seal on a dating website. The suspect also went by the alias of John Archambeault, according to officials.

That said, the man’s defense attorney Michelle Gelernt told in her opening statement that her client never coerced the teen into anything and that she willfully answered his e-mails after the sexual encounter. Adding although Schaffer’s conduct was ‘deplorable,‘ he did not commit the charged federal crime of enticing and coercing a minor to travel between states for illegal sex.

‘The evidence will not prove that Gregory Schaffer enticed or coerced that teenage girl,‘ she said.

Gregory Schaffer is due to return to trial tomorrow where he faces the prospect of 20 years in jail if found guilty.