Home Scandal and Gossip Noor Hussein killed his wife cause she made the wrong dish.

Noor Hussein killed his wife cause she made the wrong dish.

Noor Hussein killed his wife
When a man believes he has the ‘cultural right’ to take his wife’s life

Noor Hussein, a 75 year old Pakistani immigrant is facing the prospect of life behind bars after the the Brooklyn native beat his wife, Nazar Hussein, 66 to death with a stick. Beat her to death because she failed to make him the wrong dish.

Looking forward to a dish of goat meat, the man became incensed when he returned home to find that instead his wife, despite his instructions had instead made a dish of lentils, which is when he set upon her in a rage.

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Told court papers: ‘Defendant asked [his wife] to cook goat and [his wife] said she made something else,’

‘The conversation got louder and [his wife] disrespected defendant by cursing at defendant and saying motherf–ker and that the defendant took a wooden stick and hit her with it on her arm and mouth.’

Defense attorney Julie Clark admitted Hussein beat his wife — but argued that her client is guilty of only manslaughter because he didn’t intend to kill her.

Incredulously Clark told how in Noor Husseins’s home country, beating your wife is customary. Which is to say beating one’s wife is supposedly part of the regiment of disciplining and upending the dominance of the master male.

‘He comes from a culture where he thinks this is appropriate conduct, where he can hit his wife,” Clark said in her opening statements at the Brooklyn Supreme Court bench trial. “He culturally believed he had the right to hit his wife and discipline his wife.’

Prosecutors, however, said Hussein meant for his wife to die.

‘His intentions were to kill his wife,’ told Assistant District Attorney Sabeeha Madni, ‘This was not a man who was trying to discipline his wife.’

Madni said Hussein ‘brutally attacked his wife as she lay in her bed’ — leaving deep lacerations on her head, arms and shoulders, and causing her brain to hemorrhage.

‘I killed her. Hurry up and come over,’ Hussein told his son, prosecutors said.

Court papers state Hussein  beat his wife with a stick that the family had found in the street and used to stir their laundry in a washtub.

He then tried to clean up the blood that splattered onto their bedroom wall before calling his son for help, Madni said.

Madni also said Pakistani women who lived in the same building as the Husseins would testify about the beatings Nazar received at the hands of her husband. Evidence which hints of ongoing systematic abuse against the wife, not necessarily consistent with the view that the beating death was an accident.

‘They have told us about years of abuse they witnessed,‘ Madni said.

Hussein met his wife in Pakistan and the couple married before moving to Brooklyn, prosecutors told.

The latest violence underscores the continual second rate treatment of women in the region where men hold the view they are theirs to do as they please.