Home Scandal and Gossip How did Megan Huntsman strangle and suffocate 7 babies undetected?

How did Megan Huntsman strangle and suffocate 7 babies undetected?

Megan Huntsman strangle suffocate 7 babies
How did Megan Huntsman manage to strangle and suffocate 7 babies undetected?

The Utah mom, Megan Huntsman being accused of killing seven babies which were discovered over the weekend by her former husband, Darren West has admitted today that she killed the babies immediately after being born either by suffocation or strangulation.

Since the hideous discovery, Megan Huntsman has been arrested and charged with six counts of murder, with the 7th baby being thought to be born stillborn.

Authorities believe Huntsman killed her babies after giving birth to them between 1996 and 2006.

Did Megan Huntsman have 7 babies from affairs? Husband kicked her out for cheating. 

Why did Utah mom, Megan Huntsman stuff 7 new born babies in a garage? 

The Utah mother was sent this morning in front of State Judge Steven Hansen who set a $1 million dollar bail for each count of murder, making Megan Huntsman’s bail $6 million.

Since the deaths have been publicly revealed commentators on the web have attempted to understand how it was possible that Huntsman, 39 was able to keep all seven of her pregnancies a secret from her three children and husband before they too permanently separated in 2011.

Media reports have also told that Megan Huntsman had been without her husband for some unknown length of time as he fought drug conviction charges as well as eventually spending time behind bars. Incidentally the woman came to move out of her former husband’s house in 2011 pursuant to substance abuse issues.

Neighbors have told that they noticed Huntsman’s weight fluctuated over the years, with her toggling between baggy and tight clothes, nevertheless they didn’t realize the woman was pregnant.

Also of contention is why the mother chose to kill the children and if it was an issue of simply not wanting to hold on to the children why she did not send them to an agency. Others have wondered if it was an issue she had become pregnant by other men or had simply come to enjoy being pregnant for the sake of being pregnant before discarding the children as an afterthought upon their birth.

Investigators have stated that they do not suspect that Megan’s three children or estranged husband knew about her secret pregnancies.

DNA tests have been ordered to prove the paternity and maternity of the deceased children.