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Did Megan Huntsman have 7 babies from affairs? Husband kicked her out for cheating.

Megan Huntsman affairs
Were the babies the result of affairs?

New information has come to light suggesting that Utah Mom, Megan Huntsman who suffocated and strangled 7 children may have conceived out of wedlock after having a series of affairs.

The latest revelation comes after the Megan Huntsman’s former husband, Darren West has told in an exclusive with the UK’s dailymail that he asked his wife to leave the family home in 2011 after discovering that she was having an affair.

How did Megan Huntsman strangle and suffocate 7 babies undetected?

Why did Utah mom, Megan Huntsman stuff 7 new born babies in a garage?

In further adding weight to the notion that Darren West is not the father of the seven deceased babies which were strangled and suffocated immediately after being born, West told he has no knowledge of the babies, insisting that they were not his.

To date Megan Huntsman has admitted to killing the children from a period between 1996- 2006. At the time the Utah mom and her husband were still together at the time.

Nevertheless what makes things murky is that at one point West spent time behind bars as well as an extensive period litigating drugs criminal charges against him. Conceivably whilst being in prison (it is not understood yet how long he was in jail) and fighting his charges and living as an estranged father, Darren West could legitimately have never known or seen his wife go through one pregnancy to another.

Of note is why one of the three daughters that the former married couple have. She is the same age as what the other deceased babies would have been had they been able to live. Questions have surrounded as to why she was allowed to live during this period when Megan Huntsman’s other babies were murdered and if that was because she was the offspring of her husband, Darren West and whether all or part of the other children were the results of affairs?

At present DNA tests proving paternity and maternity are forthcoming. In the interim Huntsman remains on $6 million bail.