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Courtney Ann Sanford dies in car crash while posting how ‘Happy’ makes her.

Courtney Ann Sanford
How happy is Courtney Ann Sanford now?

Define bitter irony? Courtney Ann Sanford, a 32 year old North Carolina driver died Thursday morning in a fatal car crash. Moments prior to her veering off the median and crashing into an oncoming truck the woman had posted on Facebook how happy, Pharrell Williams ‘Happy’ song made her.

At the time investigators were unable to explain why the woman suddenly veered onto the oncoming truck but now believe after friends and family approached them about a posting Sanford made on Facebook at the same time of the crash that her lack of concentration on the road of her led to the accident.

‘The Facebook text happened at 8:33. We got the call on the wreck at 8:34,’ told Lt. Chris Weisner, with the High Point Police Department.

Investigators say Sanford’s Facebook post read: ‘The happy song makes me HAPPY.’

‘In a matter of seconds, a life was over just so she could notify some friends that she was happy,’ added Weisner.

Courtney Ann Sanford
Courtney Ann Sanford via facebook

But it gets worse. As investigators were tracing back Courtney Ann Sanford’s online activity, they discovered she was also posting selfies as she drove down the road.

Sanford was letting her friends know how happy she was at that moment, and sadly that moment was one of her last.

Reiterated Weisner: ‘As sad as it is, it is a grim reminder for everyone… you just have to pay attention while you are in the car.’

The driver of the truck was not injured.

Top image via Fox8

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  • Ethan Murphy

    I’m human, therefore I’m included…… What a lame attempt at being mean.

  • Tranqual

    what happened to the person she hit? Does that person’s life matter. Everyone DON’T text and drive.

  • Pegtoo

    Only when you say “Captain May I” first.

  • Robert Gift

    “STILL ILLEGAL” when stopped at a RED signal?
    Are we to sit still and attentive, staring at the stopped vehicle ahead?
    May I look to my right and/or left? How about into my rearview mirrors?

  • Kevin Stailey

    You obviously have no clue, and only have the intellect to be argumentative. My point was and still is that at the legal speed of 160 plus (Check Montana.gov yourself, as in history of speed laws), it takes the utmost concentration to drive just as it does to drive much slower in crowded traffic conditions. Or did you miss the part where I said a DESERTED Highway? Idiot IS name calling except in your feeble little mind. Now, don’t waste any more of my time. Go about your idiotic
    nonintellectual existence and argue with someone at your own level..

  • canali

    my condolences.
    have read stats suggesting texting related accidents/fatalites are to surpass drunk driving ones….hope our law enforcement comes out with stiff fines to discourage such use and/or have auto tech and cell companies team up to make for safer driving in some way

  • SirReepicheep

    Idiot is not a name it is a description of your intellect. Also, you may want to check Montana.gov out to find the speed limit laws of your state — the ones that have existed since 1999. Hint the max is 75mph just like most other states. http://www.mdt.mt.gov/travinfo/speed_limit.shtml.

  • Rossi Dingfelder

    He doesn’t answer the question, that was asked. It was meant to be getting the interlocutor to think but instead he just offers up mockery. The man is not a thinker, notwithstanding his army of internet drones who do all his work for him. For free.

  • The Radness That Is Brecken

    Guess you didn’t bother watching the video.

  • bubbawithab

    Silly comment Vinny … see my response below.

  • bubbawithab

    Silly comment Vinny… There’s a reason many physicists are Christians (or at least theists) while there are few biologists who are. Think on that one for a moment. And then ponder “why is there something rather than nothing?” Then the cosmological and teleological arguments. Then the axiological argument. Then… come back with the puerile comments about God and fairy tales. PS: I’m a former atheist who has considered both sides and found atheism (and even agnosticism) intellectually weak.

  • Kevin Stailey

    First of all, nobody was calling names, only idiots start name calling. Second of all, the state of Montana has no speed limits during daylight hours. Idiot.

  • Sheila Twombly-Johnson

    Wtf I tried to go under UNLIMITED MIVIE DOWNLOADS AND IT WONT LET ME.. :’-(

  • Pegtoo

    Thank you for your response.

  • Rossi Dingfelder

    then I have nothing to loose…but you stand to loose a great deal. One day every knee will bow. Hope your eyes open to the truth one day. have a good day.

  • The Radness That Is Brecken

    What if YOU’RE wrong?
    Let Dr. Dawkins explain… http://youtu.be/6mmskXXetcg

  • Guest

    regardless of what God is, or isn’t, you likely did more harm than good with your comment, and you and the readers are not a fairy tale. It’s a reality. Try to learn to prioritize. There is a time and place for everything. I don’t think this is a great place to try to enlighten people to what you may not even be correct about..

  • Guest

    not that it couldn’t have happened differently, and not because it’s not
    user error, but I just despise the concept behind facebook (a company
    to collect data), while people share way more trivial info than is
    needed, too often, in a way that distracts from what used to be normal
    activities that required attention. anyway, that’s too bad that
    happened to her… rip.

  • hector

    This would’ve never happened if she was driving a Subaru. Their commercials tell me I can survive any type of car accident.

  • hector

    and don’t forget photobucket

  • hector

    I just finished reading this and writing my comment all while driving 70 mph. Oops I forgot my selfie : (

  • Skilcontrol

    That song makes me anything but “happy”… If you take selfies while driving, you deserve this.

  • Rossi Dingfelder

    RIGHT!! but what if your wrong…

  • KimP

    Zero sympathy here. As far as I’m concerned, she deserved it. She willingly put countless other people’s lives in danger, especially the person driving that truck. If you’re stupid enough to act like that while you’re driving, then you were just asking for it.

  • vinny5782

    and extremely childish and somewhat obnoxious

  • vinny5782

    nah, its stupid.

  • vinny5782

    psssssst…(God’s not real).

  • vinny5782

    who the frick is Pharrell and why do we care about his horrible bubble gum pop mind numbing song? Our culture is decaying right in front of our eyes. Some days I’m sad to be and ashamed to be an American.

  • vinny5782

    the scary part is God is just a fairy tale. What a waste of a life.

  • vinny5782

    the plane landed somewhere and something secret is going on….for real, dude. ITS NOT IN THE OCEAN. Also, stop texting while you drive. silly ‘mericans…PSS that songs sucks ballz

  • Suessafluff

    At least she died Happy. Wouldn’t have been the case if she had taken someone else out in her bad decision making…

  • Brian Diffenderfer

    Vanity is a MF’er

  • tom999p

    Sorry, no sympathy here. I see it happening on the road EVERY DAY; knew it was going to happen sooner or later. Now hopefully they’ll make harsher laws against it….


    You know I feel kinda bad about that comment now that her sister has chimed in. But still….M80s really do rock. Oh, I mean the real ones.

  • therealnph

    I love the post that says wait for a red light? Still illegal, still distracted, still screwing up traffic flow. Here is a concept, Put your phone down and drive. Facebook is stupid, texting is stupid. they are both particularly stupid while driving a car. I am sad for the loss here but I have to agree, if you are going to do this sort of stupid shit then the laws of Darwin will weed you out as a nimrod. A lesson needs to be learned here by every person born since the year 1995 that there is really NOTHING worth posting to FB on a major highway while driving.

  • Jack Blackestone

    Stupid porch monkey noise should be outlawed. Nothing good ever comes from porch monkeys. Hows that porch monkey!

  • SirReepicheep

    The opening to your comment shows how big of an idiot you are. If you really drive your car 160mph on puplic roads you are no smarter then this woman. I do hope when we are posting about your death for stupidity there is no one else that has to die with you.

  • SirReepicheep

    Haven’t you realized that people are not responsible for their actions? The tools they use for the action is ALWAYS the responsible party. Social Media responsible for people having wrecks, texting responsible for people having wrecks, alchohol responsible for people having wrecks, cars responsible for people speeding, guns responsible for people getting shot …. no one is responsible for their actions anymore – it is solely the tool used that is responsible. Come on Kristine get with the times. And for those people out their who have no humor – this is sarcasm.

  • Mekky

    Lol.. one idiot down.. so many more to go. At least the truck driver was ok.. would have been a real shame for her to take him with her.

  • Kristine Kelley Bailey

    People commenting here that facebook is stupid…. it isn’t facebook that is stupid. Smart people use social media wisely. Stupid people use it foolishly, why blame the venue? I used facebook to create a memorial page of classmates that have passed over the years and it has been both positive and well received. How people use social media is totally up to them. Sadly this girl paid no attention to the risks she was delving into. If she were my classmate, she would now be on our death list and at her age, that is sad indeed.

  • Rossi Dingfelder

    It’s so easy to bash and name call when it’s not someone you know. Yes, she made a mistake and yes she could have killed someone else…fact is she did not kill anyone else and her mistake tragically was her last. None of us re perfect and we ALL have made mistake and by God’s grace it was not our last…but how humbling it is when we do make them. Cut this girl’s family and friends so slack they are hurting enough without your mean spirited comments.

  • trusake

    Once the technology comes out where cars drive by themselves, then you can text. Until then, don’t do it.

  • Geeter Tron

    ” M80 Dealer ” lmfao riggghhhhht


    I gotta tell ‘ya that I really think texting is moronic in most situations. I think that simple fix would save some lives and a lot of property damage and the passenger can still make a voice call or send an email. Not a big deal. I can’t believe the Insurance Company Nazis and the Mothers Against Drunk Driving, The NAACP, The NBA, The BFD and the AARP haven’t jumped all over this by now. F’ing meddlers only want to fix what don’t need fix’n.

  • FormerEditor

    I have thought of this SO MANY TIMES! I can’t figure out how to get it to know when you’re the one in the driver’s seat. Cause it would be an issue for passengers and people who would be using the phones while also traveling over a certain speed but are not driving. It NEEDS TO BE DONE SOMEHOW!

  • HumanCobras

    It’s sad but stupid on her part. That’s what you get for being stupid.

  • Eglyntine

    By her text you would think “happiness” was the last thing that went through her mind but factually it was most likely the steering wheel.


    It’s almost the 4th of July. I love the 4th ever since my M80 dealer got out of prison. Don’t text and drive with your window down. Fair enough?

  • barcothegreat

    Thank God the stupid white trash bitch didn’t take an innocent person to hell with her! Good ridence to another road problem!

  • NCHP

    One less half baked dumb bitch txting asshole on the road!!!!

  • SoSezYou

    You need to stop thinking, you might distract yourself and run into something…

  • SoSezYou

    Don’t forget to include yourself. Way too many of you.

  • SoSezYou

    Why should he?

  • Kevin Stailey

    Hilarious. You left out the act of God by releasing worldwide famine and disease. C’mon man.

  • Jesse Jinx Morrow

    this article made me HAPPY

  • Kevin Stailey

    I have on a rare basis hit 160mph or higher in my car on a lonely stretch of highway, I love the thrill of a smooth road and a finely tuned machine in near race condition. It takes a massive level of concentration and still, it does not take nearly as much as it does to drive in crowded or even near crowded driving conditions. Though this girls death may be sad, it has been so widely criticized and even in many states illegal to text or even use a hand held phone and drive. I am sorry, but this girl died from an act of deliberate stupidity. Like others I am happy she didn’t kill someone innocent in the process.

  • Abby Rowland

    You, sir, are an idiot.


    I don’t want to get all Road Nazi on people and stop EVERYTHING but hands on the wheel and eyes on the road but something has to be done to stop texting. It’s a damn disease for a lot of people and just fair warning folks, I drive a 6000 lb 4 wheel drive gas guzzling behemoth with a carbon footprint larger than Godzilla’s and if you veer into my lane you WILL LOSE.

  • Abby Rowland

    Will people never learn???

  • twinstick1

    Basically, it all comes down to personal responsibility. All the high tech nanny devices in the World won’t stop someone who has no regards for others around them.

  • Lee

    My heart goes out to you and Courtney’s family & friends. Sadly, so many never believe doing something like playing with their phones in the car will result in a tragic incident like this . Until we all just turn off our phones so we aren’t even tempted to answer a call or text while driving people will continue to needlessly die. I hope some good comes from her death and that you all continue to tell
    the story of what happened to this otherwise wonderful person so other
    lives are saved.

  • sas318

    I wonder if Pharrell will comment about this.

  • giest

    Thank you for sharing that. Bless the both of you.

  • alrui

    True! There has to be a way to stop this crap from occurring as it is truly dangerous., this is just one of thousands of examples. ANYTHING you do that takes your eyes off the road is a danger & yes this includes talking on the phone, fiddling with the radio, eating, etc. etc. Bottom line is we have to many lousy & stupid drivers on our roadways!

  • Gr8t

    & so it is said “she died HAPPY!” unlike most.

  • Ethan Murphy

    I’m all for texting while driving. There are far too many units of human on this planet already. More abortion, more texting while driving, more war, and whatever else leads to early death.


    Yep, but that might make it harder for these dummies to carry on a conversation. They would probably give up and just make a voice call.

  • alrui

    You still have to type to use e-mail!!!

  • wade

    Twitter is where its at

  • alrui

    This sh*t is out of control! ENOUGH WITH THE PHONES IN CARS PEOPLE!

  • ben

    All over a crappy song.

  • alysssrose@gmail.com

    how stupid can you be? At 32 you just have to post what your feeling online? while your driving? Ughh people today just have NO COMMON SENSE ANYMORE. We live in a world where people feel taking there morning dump should be posted on facebook.

  • Pegtoo

    I’m so sorry for your loss. God Bless.

  • Laura-Kathryn Fuqua

    I would like to take a moment to share with you who Courtney Ann Sanford was in life and not how she died. Courtney was my best friend. Actually, she was more than a best friend, she was a sister. We met 12 years ago at UNCG thru mutual friends of friends and became besties. We shared good times, bad times and times we have laughed until we have cried. She lived her life to the fullest & never missed an opportunity to tell people how much she cared for them or to offer a kind word of encouragement. She was a firm believer that everyone deserved a second chance and with God’s guidance people can change. Even when she really shouldn’t or did not have a reason to do so she still always focused on the good in people, rather than the bad. She snorted when she laughed and her smile would light up a room. If you were in need she has literally given the shoes off her feet and the last quarter in her wallet to someone else. In 2011 I found myself in despair as my family received the news that mother was terminally ill and would not live another week. Word spread quickly through outlets such as social media & Facebook that mom was dying. As my family left the room after removing mother from life support I looked up thru blurry eyes to see Courtney and another friend standing outside waiting to hold my hand. As I threw up from the stomach jerking pain of losing my mother it was Courtney holding my head & hair. Normally on Thursday’s I drive down Bus 85-S taking my sister to school directly past Baker Rd. and then take BUS 85-N back to Greensboro for class. But on Thursday April 24, 2014 my normal schedule was thrown out of synch and I had to forgo taking my sister to school and headed directly into Greensboro by 8:30 AM. My only regret is that I did not turn RIGHT onto Bus 85-S. There was nothing anyone could have done to save Courtney, she expired on impact but I wish I could have been there to hold my friend’s hand. Please, please, PLEASE, when driving PUT YOUR PHONE DOWN. It is more important to arrive safe than to let your friends and family know you are “OTW” or snapping a selfie of your outfit.

  • h0b0byter99

    For the family of Courtney, I’m sorry for your loss. Others, please take a look at this campaign to help prevent this very thing. http://www.redthumbreminder.com/

  • Sir Danny O’Danny

    What an idi0t.

  • There are two ways of looking at this.
    She went out on a high note.
    This is a case study of natural selection at work.

  • Kyoko Sakata

    Very sad.

  • Pegtoo

    “….wait to get to a red traffic signal or stopped traffic.”


  • baconandeggs

    Facebook is stupid in my opinion anyways. People get so caught up in it that they will actually risk their life and die for a facebook post. Couldn’t you have just told these people you were happy about some song later? Is it really that important? Instead people feel the need to broadcast everything to everyone they know. I feel so bad for the family and her but I think we should all learn a good lesson from this. Your friends don’t care if you are happy. They only care if you’re dead.

  • stopthemooching

    Complete moron. She could have killed someone simply because she was being a selfish moron.


    Yea, forgot about trains. Well, texting is for morons anyway. There’s always email.

  • Woytek

    And if You are in a train? It is not so simple. Although, sad story.


    Simple fix. If the gps shows you’re moving the text feature stops working. It seems to me that half the people I see on the road have their eyes and one hand on the “dumbass phone”.

  • Robert Gift

    But glad the dolt did not kill the innocent other driver she involved in her stupidity.
    One can safely take “selfies” while looking ahead down the road. But posting them is a distraction.
    How sad that she did not just wait to get to a red traffic signal or stopped traffic.

    Recently, a young male driver texting veered right and would have contacted my SUV had I not evaded right and slowed.
    Worse was that the driver’s PASSENGER could have been doing his texting for him!

  • go4it

    Darwin Award: WINNER!!!!! Posthumous, yes – but a winner nonetheless! And a loser at the same time. People, is your life worth a $&@%#€£¥ Facebook post? IS IT?

    IS IT?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?