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Belle Knox to host reality show, The Sex Factor.

Belle Knox The Sex Factor
The illustrious and continued rise of Belle Knox

Belle Knox aka Miriam Weeks in real life it seems is on to bigger and better things as it’s now being reported that the Duke University porn star (and I do mean star) has  landed the plum role of host of an upcoming reality show called, ‘The Sex Factor.

According to the nypost, Belle Knox will host the show along with a lineup of porn star judged, Tori Black, Lexi Belle, Keiran Lee and Remy LaCroix. The design of the show will involve first-time porn stars competing against each other.

So what can we expect on the show now that we are to believe rough sex and agreeing to being abused on camera is all part of some women’s desire for self affirmation?

Tells a source: ‘This reality show is going to be such a game-changer that Simon Cowell will wish he’d thought of it himself” (or might consider suing over the play on the title of his “The X-Factor”).’

A game changer? Could that possibly be? Will porn actors openly discuss the rigors and challenges of becoming an adult worker, the humiliations that they have had to endure and the way the industry as a whole demeans and objectifies women? Or will the discussion be centered on the most inventive sex acts and sex actors offering their suggestions and most memorable experiences? One can only imagine Simon Cowell wishing he could be a judge on that panel show.

The nypost reveals that castings are set to begin in May, referencing the twitter handle @thesxfactor (yes kids being a porn star might be the way to go) with the winner taking home a $1 million prize at the AVN Awards in Vegas on Jan. 24, 2015.

And then there’s this too which somehow feels crude and way off base, but then again perhaps this is where our collective culture is heading.

nypost: In the spirit of a true reality competition, the finalists will be whittled down to eight guys and eight girls, and fans will be able to vote on their “challenges,” who should be booted off, and even the hopefuls’ porn names.

Yes kids, Belle Knox will soon be advising us who got the facial right. Isn’t it time you applied to be an up and coming porn actress, the media world is more than ready to exploit you and make a bunch of money with you…ahh capitalism.

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Belle Knox The Sex Factor

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