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Belle Knox strip gig nets her $5000. Pay me bixches.

Belle Knox strip gig
Belle Knox and one of her new found stripper buddies. Just the beginning of an extravagant cash machine? Image via twitter.

Belle Knox, aka Miriam Weeks in real life continued on her highway of gold coins as the new found celebrity (if the shoe fits) took to pole dancing and stripping at ‘gentleman’s club’ ‘Headquarters,’ here in NYC last night. Her price tag?A mere $5000.

Prior to taking to stage, the 19 year old Duke College freshman ‘giggled’ she had a case of the ‘jitters.’ Which is her way of reminding you she’s cute, teenage bait and ready to make money with you and me in mind. And why not?

Added the aspiring feminist lawyer: ‘I’ve never stripped before.I’m nervous.’

The Duke College student told she hadn’t studied much for the gig, but felt confident she’s find her rhythm.

Told the student via the nydailynews who since been outed and wondering out aloud whether she’d get an invitation to appear on the Ellen Degeneres show (any minute now, Ellen told me):

‘It feels really awesome. I’m still kind of shocked that I have fans,’

‘A few months ago I was just a normal girl.’

But in front of a rich horny 60 year old men, normal is just a mere adjective.

Other fast money making choices becoming available to the teen include working as an intern at pornhub.com (I’m not quite sure what Belle’s interning responsibilities will be) and a toy sex line and of course she’s already rejected a paltry $35K book deal. Perhaps another zero on the back of that and Belle Knox might reconsider.

America. where taking class consciousness and mobility issues to the fore and getting paid yours is the name of the game.


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Belle Knox strip gig

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