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Accessorize Your Evening Look and Wow Everyone!


Accessorize Your Evening Look

Guest post: Coco Chanel said: “In order to be irreplaceable, one must always be different.” It can be easy to get lost in a sea of beautiful evening dresses at an event or a night out. The eye-catching difference may well lie in how you accessorise. The trick to choosing the right accessories is to find something that complements your dress. At the same time, accessories should simultaneously make a unique statement about you, the one wearing the dress. Accessories should never draw attention away from the beauty of the dress nor the beauty of its wearer. And it’s not necessarily about costs or labels. It’s about exploring such online stores as Ebay or boutiques to find exactly what adds to your dress.

The perfect accessory should suit the overall fashion statement one is trying to make. By no means does it have to entail being bland or conventional. Consider the trend of wearing trainers and other sports wear with more formal evening outfits. The Paris Haute Couture runways this year were filled with models sporting glamorized trainers to match more elegant dresses. The designers at Chanel and Dior appear to be smiling on the trend. As much as it goes against traditional fashion, the right trainer on the right person wearing the right dress can create an elegant statement. Unconventional? Yes. But it can work. And so can exploring new and interesting ways to add sparkle to your evening wear through accessories.

As with trainers, your creativity and willingness to explore can apply to all manner of accessories. You can factor in the “wow” with your unique selection of belts, earrings, bracelets, handbags, scarves, necklaces and even hats. Accessories are no longer about rigid rules. Famed shoe and accessory designer, Pierre Hardy, recently commented in Vogue about how the fashion world has changed its views on accessories. “You want it, you love it, want to possess it – it’s like a teddy bear – you can change your mind, it’s just an accessory so it’s not so important, you can have another one next year. It’s playful.” In other words there’s room for fun and experimentation without committing long-term to any particular look. The changing fashion world is giving permission to women to “color outside the lines” a bit when it comes to making a statement with accessories.

Does this mean that all rules about accessorising are gone? Good taste and appropriateness should always prevail. Accessories that are too jarring can backfire and draw negative attention. You have to be very careful not to overdo them. While the fashion world no longer needs belts, handbags and purses that precisely match, there should be some sense that everything goes together. Choosing the right accessories also involves recognising the tone of the evening and the age of the wearer. But, as Hardy says, there’s room to play.

Part of fashion is being noticed and admired for your efforts and beauty. The proper accessories can complete a look and turn their heads when you walk by. Image consultant, Gail Morgan, believes British women need to wear more accessories. “As I said before, the majority of women in the UK are under accessorised – you don’t need to look like a Christmas tree but just something interesting and/or colourful can become a fantastic focal point.”

Perhaps it’s time to consider the accessories you choose for your evening out. Maybe it’s time to re-imagine the pieces that add the finishing touches to your outfits and take a step away from what you traditionally wear. Perhaps it’s time to wow with interesting pieces a step beyond what you would normally wear.

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