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Julia Kadioglu’s future sister in law, Laura Tomlinson insists it’s all a lie. But is it?

 Laura Tomlinson
Julia Kadioglu is in very big trouble…

Laura Tomlinson, an Olympic dressage champion, and sister of Till Bechtolsheimer, has told that her future sister in law, Julia Kadioglu did not under any circumstances smash a bottle of Stella Artois over a patron’s head pursuant to a purported altercation between her brother and the patron.

Till Bechtolsheimer’s girlfriend, Julia Kadioglu smashes bottle over club goer’s head. 

Told the dressage champion: ‘There was no incident with this guy. Julia has never seen him before — there was no exchange. 

‘What I find most worrying is this guy was never even asked to make a  formal statement. She was arrested just on this guy’s word.

‘It is a complete joke. Anyone who has ever met Julia knows it is a complete farce.’

The incident which saw Julia Kadioglu arrested purportedly as she took to defending the honor of her future husband’s honor took place on the evening of the January 19th at the Dream Hotel‘s swank exclusive boîte, The Electric Room .

At the time Julia Kadioglu would be handcuffed and arrested and taken in for arraignment after Daniel Kurkowski, 27 would incur a deep gash at the back of his head. Purportedly after he’d been smashed by Kadioglu with a bottle of Stella Artois.

Since the arrest, the HSBC derivatives Vice President’s lawyer, Benjamin Wu has reiterated that his client didn’t do anything wrong and that ‘Julia Kadioglu is indignant she was even arrested.’ 

Complicating matters, or perhaps trying to save face is the fact that Kadioglu’s future husband happens to be blue blood stock and the grandson of billionaire scion, Karl Heinz Kipp.

Till Bechtolsheimer these days takes to running a hedge fund with at least $200 million at his disposal, which might augment some degree of embarrassment that his name may be associated to scandal and low brow skirmishes at trendy NYC nightclubs.

Also complicating matters and further risking future liaisons is the fact that Till Bechtolsheimer is good friends with Prince William and Kate Middleton, whom incidentally Kadioglu went on to graduate alongside with at the same time at the exclusive St Andrews college in 2004.

So chummy is the Kipp family with the royals that William and Kate travelled to the Swiss Alps last year to attend Laura Tomlinson’s wedding. Which is to suggest the hint of ‘rude behavior’ might not be too well appreciated by the Royals as well as the Kipps who one imagines has a lot to lose if they are perceived to be too much on the rough and tumble crowd. Something that future sister in law to Laura Tomlinson could only dread. Yes kids high society is quite a fancy game of appearances and playing the rosy part.

Yet despite what Laura Tomlinson and Julia Kadioglu claim a criminal complaint as filled out by cops stipulates that Kadioglu did indeed strike the unwitting club patron over the head with a bottle of Stella Artois.

Tells the statement: ‘…strike Mr Kurkowski about the back of his head with a green glass Stella Artois beer bottle, causing Mr Kurkowski to sustain a laceration and bleeding to the back of his head, and also causing him to suffer substantial pain.’

Since the snafu Kadioglu has been charged with second degree assault with a ‘dangerous instrument.’

Calls by the UK’s dailymail to to the offices of Till have not been returned. Can anyone guess why?