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In defense of Belle Knox Duke College adult actress

Duke College freshman porn star
Why has this woman been shamed ?

Why has the media and society sought to shame and defend Belle Knox, aka Duke College adult actress?

Curious to find out what the fanfare as to who the identity of the Duke College porn star that has rattled the media landscape since her profession was leaked amongst students at Duke college, I did some research on the web and came with this.

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Duke College porn star is Missy, aka Belle Knox and she can be found here.

But what does that mean. Why do we care and why have we in the media made a big deal about it? In a simple word shame.

The shame that Belle Knox, her stage name ought to feel on our behalf and on her own behalf in choosing to resort to sex to pay her bills? Sex for cash.

There’s little shame in women posing  in bare all for magazine covers, billboards and Sports Ilustrated or taking copious selfless and posting that all over social media. But shame suddenly and willfully exists the moment a woman gets undressed and has sex. And to boot the connotation is there should be more shame should that woman happen to also receive cash for participating in sex.

Belle Knox

Women are in essence to be shamed, to be appropriated into the Madonna complex by a patriarchal society which has predetermined roles for each gender: he ought to make the money and be the breadwinner and she better look the part.

Reflects news busters: There is a legitimate debate to be had if we, as a society, are far too unforgiving when it comes to former sex workers trying to move on with their lives and being haunted and tainted by their former lifestyle, some to the point that, in desperation and shame they dive once again into sex work, being unable to secure a steady job because of their past.

That being said, the notion that shame is itself entirely inappropriate and that sex work should be accorded the same moral opporbrium as say being a veterinarian or a real estate agent or most any other profession is outright insanity and argues against anything but an animalistic view of human nature. It is, in short, a view of human nature that reduces us to mere beasts capable of economic transaction.

What are we to infer from all of this? That a woman’s body, her vagina is sacred and when we see her close up in the throes of our collective imagination we are being shamed by her participation, by her engagement, her existence.

But let’s be honest, for whose participation and engagement is she role modeling out for? Yours the viewer, because as much as Belle Knox may be open minded enough to accept herself, her femininity, then we ought not condemn her but understand by denying her sexuality and the role she has willfully and happily chosen she is allowing us to affirm our own sexuality and masculinity and femininity.

Unless that is to say the body beautiful and what it stands and what it is capable of is inherently a shameful experience, only so much because culture and society teaches that…..

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Belle Knox

And in the duke freshman porn star’s own voice the following courtesy of a one on one interview with nymag today:

You’re not the first woman at Duke who has come under intense scrutiny for her sexual choices. Is there something about the environment that explains why the rumor prevailed over your humanity?

Duke is an extremely complex culture, but I’m just going to go out and say it: We are a culture that disrespects and slut-shames women. If you look at the anonymous CollegiateACB forums of other schools, there are maybe four topics. At Duke, there are 800 topics. All of them are “rate freshman girls on a scale of one to 10” or “which Asian has the biggest boobs.” So Duke has this — and I blame the Greek system a lot for this — culture of objectifying women.

I personally attribute that to male privilege. The median income of students at Duke is $350,000. So you have these rich, entitled males coming to Duke and what that translates to is a sense of entitlement over women’s bodies and women’s sex. Men essentially feel entitled to have sex with us because they’re used to getting everything they’ve ever wanted. You have this extremely intense school that’s really competitive academically and then you add into the mix a social scene that’s rooted in social hierarchy and wealth, and then you combine that with male privilege and chauvinism and misogyny and what you have is this really horrible rape culture. 

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Belle Knox

  • ShlomoShunn

    Let’s see. It’s now kosher to talk about “rape culture” on campuses and to demonize straight male sexuality as “creepy” (gay sex is lauded…until it is graphically described). At the same time we’re suppose to call it liberating when a female takes it up the pooper pubicly for pay.

    You can’t make this stuff up.

  • Bob

    I also seem to remember reading somewhere that her name was Lauren. Strange.

  • krislankay

    I thought her name was Lauren..?

  • Bob

    Did this woman really believe she could remain anonymous on a college campus?