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Yudishsthir Yadav, teen throws boiling water in girl’s face for unfriending him on Facebook.


Yudishsthir Yadav

Yudishsthir Yadav, an Indian teen upset about a classmate unfriending him on Facebook has reportedly thrown a pot of bowling water on a girl’s face.

The incident is said to have occurred after Yadav held the girl and her mother hostage in their own home.

In a statement to police, the unnamed victim, 15, said the suspect came to her house in Muzaffarpur, India, allegedly in search of his lost ID card.

The girl told authorities that her father, a teacher, had been tutoring Yadav , and he was a regular visitor at their house.

“I accepted his (Facebook) friend request a year ago because I found him decent then,she said in her statement. “But of late he had become abusive and so I ‘unfriended’ him last week.”

It was then that our collective hero hatched his honor revenge plan.

Arriving at the girl’s home last Wednesday, Yudishsthir Yadav proceeded to lock the girl and her mother in a room.

He then boiled a pot of water in the kitchen, and poured its contents on the girl’s face, causing her to sustain severe burns on her right cheek and neck.

From there Yadav quickly fled the residence. His whereabouts  still remain unknown.

With Facebook steadily becoming the exclusive means of communication among teens in India, tawdry stories involving young Indian Facebook users are on the rise.

In October of last year, the Indo-Asian News Service reported that a 17-year-old female from Parbhani committed suicide after her parents banned her from the social network.

“Is Facebook so bad?” the teen wrote in her suicide note. “I cannot stay in a home with such restrictions as I can’t live without Facebook.”

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