Home Scandal and Gossip Great grandmother, Doris Deahardie hires strip dancer for her 100th birthday.

Great grandmother, Doris Deahardie hires strip dancer for her 100th birthday.

Doris Deahardie
Doris Deahardie is also a preferred hawt bixch

Kids it’s time to sing happy birthday to Doris Deahardie. But never mind, it seems Doris may have beat us to the punch as she recently hired a strip dancer in lieu of her 100th year birthday.

According to local press Doris, of Saundby, England, who happens to be a great grandmother ordered the stripogram herself and even put in a special request for a ‘full monty.’

Werk it bixch!

‘I told the lad he might have to be careful with her because of her age,‘ recalled Doris’s daughter-in-law Sharon, ‘but then she told me she wanted the whole lot!’

And why not? What Doris Deahardie wants is what Doris gets.

Added Sharon: ‘It was brilliant, a really good night. Her face when the lad straddled her! I don’t think she’d believed he would do the whole lot. She loved the limo ride to the pub and to see an 100-year-old enjoy something like this was great.’

In anticipation of the drooling and the memories to be had, Doris came prepared with her own bottle of baby oil and even brought a can of whipped cream which she had the stripper lick off her face.

Told Doris’s son Barry: ‘She’s in great health for her age.’

Which is a relief cause one can only imagine the amount of strippers lining up to get some whipped cream along the tender loins for Doris’s 101st birthday. Not that Doris will disappoint as she happily gropes for life.

Thought Doris to herself as the drool slid off: ‘Who imagined being so pleasantly surprised this day and age…’

Doris Deahardie
Doris Deahardie is pleasantly amused.
Doris Deahardie
Doris Deahardie needed a thorough inspection…
Doris Deahardie
And for a moment, Doris Deahardie received a pleasant fright.