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Abandoned dog on a trash heap gets a second lease of life.


Abandoned dog on a trash heap

An abandoned dog on a trash heap has gone on to receive a second lease of life after animal rescuers took a mangled female husky in.

The dog likely abused, was found weak and in a state of disrepair after Eldad Hagar from Hope For Paws came across the beleaguered dog in a Los Angeles garbage dump.

At the time, Hagar had received an urgent call about the dog, who he named Miley, who incredulously had been surviving on the trash-pile for months.

Hagar has since gone and told the Huffington Post that Miley was so lifeless that she ‘didn’t even have the energy‘ to run away from him as he approached her.

Upon taking the husky to a veterinary clinic, the dog was found to be suffering malnutrition, mange, parasites and bacterial infections.

From there, Miley went on to receive medicated baths and treatments for her skin conditions, which over time began to heal.

As Miley’s body recovered, the dog’s spirit seemed to rally as well.

It wasn’t soon long before Miley would go on to display affection for Hagar, but the biggest surprise would come when Miley made the acquaintance of a tiny black chihuahua called Frankie.

Abandoned dog on a trash heap

According to the clinic, Frankie had been rescued from a drain pipe and was terrified of everything – except Miley, who towered over him.

Hagar told huffpo that Frankie had nearly drowned in the sewer tunnel after a spell of heavy rain.

The pair have since gone on to became inseparable.

Hagar opines that Miley should be 100 per cent in a few months time, and is hopeful there will eventually be a loving home for the husky.

Contact Hope For Paws or the Fuzzy Foundation to help rescue Miley and other animals like her.