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Oh really? Dana Adiva explains why it sucks being too beautiful…

Dana Adiva
Dana Adiva is always a preferred hawt bixch.

It seems 21 year old aspiring female wrestler (yes that’s right kids) Dana Adiva has a lot to contend with when it comes to being beautiful. Or as she likes to put it ‘too beautiful.’

What kind of problems you wonder? Well Dana reckons the bad shit ranges anywhere from hundreds of Facebook friend requests, unwanted attention from men, men whose attention she does want not taking her seriously, female haters (of course) and tension with her sister.

In her little tell all posted below on MTV’d docudrama on the gorgeous and fabulous our preferred hawt bixch goes on to tell how she was even forced to drop out of school cause of all them jealous classmates bullying her pretty self.

Interestingly Dana’s tell all is eerily very familiar to that of the UK’s dailymail’s Samantha Brick who went on to pen a stellar and of course ridicule feature as to why her ass is too beautiful for the world to contend with. At the time the essay helped manage the dailymail get a ton of web traffic (aka ad revenue) as readers from all over the world piled on to scorn Brick who most considered was smoking the good shit.

Adding to Dana’s misery is all that endless attention has now made it next to impossible for her to land a boyfriend (see kids and you only thought ugly girls couldn’t find boyfriends, think again…).

Goes on to tell Dana, that her looks have also hindered her chances of finding love, because men never take her seriously.

Tells Dana: “I’m hoping to find love someday but when you look like me it’s not easy. My looks get in the way.

“When I walk into a bar I’m used to every guy staring at me.”

In fact so resolute has Dana been in trying to downplay her awesome beauty she has even gone as far as dying her hair and wearing glasses. Yes kids, blonde is really the way to go and glasses and that shit, that’s just too dowdy.

Tells our heroine: “I went through a phase where I tried to downplay my looks. I dyed my hair brown but that didn’t help at all.
“I tried gaining weight but I couldn’t.”

Kids, tell me you’re not crying puddles of existential despair for Dana? I know I am…

But not to fear cause Dana has got herself a plan to change all that constant misery:

Tells the UK’s sun: Instead she has decided to embrace her beauty and is even planning to get a BOOB JOB – to enhance what God gave her.

She said: “It’s the world that needs to change, not me.

“I feel I will be more beautiful with bigger boobs. Instead of a 10 I’ll be a 200.”

You better work it gal…

Kids tell me it wont be long before the universe answers Dana’s prayers and delivers herself from the curse of being too beautiful…

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