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It’s time to watch Philly news anchor Nicole Brewer hate on meteorologist Carol Erickson.

Nicole Brewer
Nicole Brewer is also a preferred hawt bixch.

Kids I want you all to run out the street and bring your friends inside, fry some popcorn, sniff pour the good shit that you keep under the blankets and watch the fiasco that’s called CBS 3 Philly anchor, former Miss Philadelphia, Nicole Brewer hate on equally catty Philly meteorologist Carol Erickson. If by the 1.53 mark your eyeballs haven’t shuddered in snide disbelief then you’ll never learn how bixchy some women can really ever be to each other.

Tasty sensational seething fuxk you barbs that you can dip your snotty cahootas in, that’s right you haven’t seen a fake smile until you’ve seen these two lizards swap lances.

Watch and learn as passive and aggressive is raised to a whole new telegenic delight for you.

Yes bixch Carol,  oh wow, I  really like your halo or whatever it is that you brought to work today…

Listen and learn kids, your career might be counting on it.

Reflected one commentator on the web:

nicole is making a fool of herself, regardless of who she is “bantering” with. Clearly ignorant, and has no journalistic integrity. She should lose her job for stupidity. But let’s be honest she’s smoking hot too and she knows it…

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