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Here’s a picture of a Delta Airlines plane filling with smoke just after take off.



The above picture comes courtesy of one reddit user who happened to be on board a Delta Airlines flight just after it took off from JFK yesterday evening.

Wrote reddit user fliccolo: Last night flying out of JFK….this happened and freaked us out. Disco rave flight!

The picture comes on one of the hottest days of the years and went on to be explained as an amalgamation of the plane’s on board air conditioning units malfunctioning and the heat emanating from the runway tarmac and the condensation of air due to rapid decreases in air temperature.

That though wasn’t necessarily apparent to passengers who began to become understandably concerned (see above image again) as their Delta Airlines flight began to experience increasing turbulence as it ascended into the sky leading many to wonder that they were in grave danger.

At the time passengers were told to stay in their seats, but that didn’t stop some travelers from taking pictures of the troubling sight.

It wasn’t until the plane finally reached level altitude cruise that the plane’s captain went on to explain the incident as a misnomer due to the heat on the tarmac and the plane’s air conditioning units suffering overloading. As a courtesy the captain went on to extend the entire plane free alcoholic drinks (you better believe it right?).

Went on to tell reddit user fliccolo: ‘I was grateful for my tiny bottles of vodka and juice. Worst turbulence ever after such a long Tarmac stay and fogging.’

Because there’s nothing like the sudden fear that ones time is up that will have you reaching for a double helping of the good shit to get you through the inconveniences of air travel…