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Trevor Runyon manages to eat 6 steaks, shrimp, beer and 57 cans of whipped cream and then shit on himself.

Trevor Runyon
Trevor Runyon is always a preferred hawt bixch.

Here’s a fun story for you all out there that enjoy fun stories of individuals who don’t know any better or if they do they simply don’t care and simply go with the flow.

Starring in this muck fest is a gentleman by the name of Trevor Runyon who heralds from the Kentucky town of Mount Washington. Yes Kentucky.

According to authorities who eventually nabbed Trevor Runyon’s unrepentant ass the next morning, Trevor came up with the brilliant plan of hiding in the ValuMarket (yes I love the irony too) supermarket until all the store’s employees left whereupon he then set about gorging himself with all that good shit that Trevor had been dreaming about ever since he first pressed his face against a ValuMarket store face.

From there video cameras caught our hero cooking and eating six steaks, untold shrimp (very yummy), untold gallons of beer (more yummy still) a birthday cake (yes that’s yummy too Trevor) and for the grand finale 57 cans of whipped cream. Very yummy indeed.

From there Trevor proceeded to pass out in the ceiling where he hid himself before allegedly going on the bathroom on himself.

The next morning store employees came across Trevor’s strewn mega dinner for one across the store’s aisles before arresting his ass for being the party dare devil we all wish we could be as well…

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