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Mine: Spain GQ stars Marina Jamieson and Garret Neff wickedly seducing each other.

Mine: Spain GQ
Mine: Spain GQ will make you very dizzy too….

Mine, a saucy riveting theme as conjured by Spanish director Alvaro de la Herran pits two young enigmatic souls who go about the wicked task of seducing each other all the whilst looking as they are nonchalantly promoting some new fashion line.

What they’re really promoting though is a form of tepid sexuality where the woman willfully plays a subordinate role to her man who assumes power guises and is always in control as she dizzily awaits for him to touch her.

Drenched in sexuality, hinting at s and m themes and the real possibility that most women prefer men that dominate them in bed (or is it the other way round too?) ‘Mine’ makes one dream and feel avidly seduced themselves as they watch on the almost depraved behavior of two handsome souls who are playing a slinky game of ‘come and get me.’

Which raises the question will you the consumer come and get me? The product that they are trying to subtly sell which is only referenced as a side attachment or after thought? It may well be that consumption, looking good and feeling good may have a lot to do with wearing impeccable looking clothes but it may also have a lot more to do with the polar dynamics of push and pull sexual dynamics that human being love to play with each other.

Just watch and drool. I know I did…


Mine from Alvaro de la Herrán on Vimeo.

Marina Jamieson and Garret Neff
Marina Jamieson and Garret Neff


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  • addie wallis

    Oh what a SEXY, BEAUTIFUL